Before a gown walks down the runway it goes through months of review and editing. Every detail is looked over with a fine eye, and the dress evolves as a result of this creative process.

The process starts with a sketch. Usually, hundreds of sketches are waded through until one is chosen to go up on “the board”. Once the dress has made it to “the board” the fun begins.

The next step is the muslin step. We have the dress made in a cheap cotton fabric. The muslin is not lined, but does have boning so the structure of the gown can be determined. The muslin is fit onto a model and then sent back to be fixed.

While the dress is going through these muslin fittings, fabrics are choosen. Should the dress be made in satin, taffeta or organza? How many layers of tulle would make this skirt big enough?  Should we use ribbon athe waist or a band? The dresses are also getting their preliminary beading and notion ideas.  After this is decided the edited muslins are sent back to be turned into the final dress.

The final samples arrive and they are gorgeous, but are they done? Nope. Now is when all the final touches are added. Beaded motifs, fancy buttons, ribbon, flowers and more. Each dress gets tried back on the same fit model. The model then get circled multiple times as final adornments are pinned on and choosen. Then, once those adornments have been put on, she gets circled again!

The dress does not leave until every little thing is perfect. It’s not wonder with all these steps the dress ends up looking nothing like the original sketch. One thing I have learned from watching designers work…you have to let the creative process take you where it takes you.

Check out this link for It features multiple designers sketches verse real dresses. What do you think?

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