Our Facebook friend Tiffany asked us this question.

“I volunteered at chicago bridal market last week,however i worked for an acessories designer. Me being an aspiring designer in school i did learn a little about veils an jewelry,however I am wondering how an actual bridal line is created. I love Anne Barge’s collections. What does creating such amazing seasonal lines take to create them or the steps to create ?”

We begin with a big brainstorming and sketching session, and Anne comes up with tons of beautiful designs. Over time the sketches are edited down to the favorites, and we are left with a “collection”. Fabrics, beading and notions are then researched to find new and beautiful things. While the finishing details are being researched and picked out, the dresses are made in a basic cotton fabric called muslins. These are then fit on a model to make sure it enhances a woman’s body and fits correctly. After that everything is put together into the final dress. Once it is finished we go over it again to tweak anything until the dress is 100% perfect. Once it clears Anne’s eye we send it to market and then to brides. Nothing but perfection gets through this rigorous process!

Hope that helps Tiffany. Thank you so much for that question!!!!

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