In my post vacation haze/make-up frenzy I have hit a wall on bridal advice and ideas. So, I did what I normally do when this happens. I turn to other blogs to draw inspiration from. Then, today while searching my favorites it hit me…you may want to know so other good ones to. Tons of our retail locations have blogs of their own. While our blog is great for Anne Barge dresses, ideas and tips, their blogs are great for local tips. On them you can find vendors, seasonal ideas, and even (yes, I hate to say it) other gowns they carry. Their blogs plus our blog equal total bridal knowledge. Here are some of my favorites! For more retail stores and blogs in your area check out their websites. There is usually a link from there. Happy reading! – New York City’s Lovely Bridal – Salt Lake City’s Alta Moda – Westport’s The Plumed Serpent – New York’s Kleinfeld – New York’s Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier

These are just a couple. Check out –>Stores to find a store in your area. Then, click on their website to see if they have a blog for you!

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