Lately it seems one of the dresses on our website has caught some bride’s attention, and in the past few weeks I have received multiple emails about it. Sadly, this dress has been discontinued and was put into our design archives. Designers go through their collection every once in a while and “retire” styles. This is done to make room for the new collection, and to help stores so they are not overwhelmed with samples. But what about those brides who fall in love with this “retired” dress?

Have no fear, and contact the designer. I am not sure what other’s procedures are as far as retired styles go, but if you fall in love with an Anne Barge retiree we can usually help you. Do not be surprised if there are fees that go along with a retired style, but always ask if your beloved gown can come out of retirement for one more game…after all, Brett Farve keeps coming back! (That’s for all the men out there! ; )

If you have fallen in love with a retired Anne Barge gown please contact us at

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