This week for some strange reason I have encountered more negative people than usual. I don’t know if the moon is in a weird place causing people to start stuff for the sake of starting stuff or if I missed a national holiday in which you tell people how to live their lives. So, today I have had enough…enough with you glass is half empty people. My glass is half full so I am brushing you off…you will not rain on my parade! I know the world is not a perfect place right now, but enough is enough. I am asking my fellow glass is half fuller people to put twice the amount of good out into the world to help fill the half empty glasses. We need to be lifting each other up, going to extra mile and spreading the love. I personally am going to try to do more random acts of kindness, and I will forgive the neighbor for yelling about my dog. I wanted to remind people out there about a really great cause to make us feel better about the world. To remind everyone (myself included) that good is out there and the opportunity to help those in need is still out there. This is a cause Anne Barge supports, and is a really great cause for helping women (and some men). Tell people about it, and check out their website for tour dates.  Now that my pep talk is over…go forth and spread happiness!

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