I am getting all geared up to work at an Anne Barge trunk show, and it is my first one back in the saddle after having my little girl. I am so excited I can hardly wait. I love the thrill of the hunt and the challenge. I adore meeting someone new and helping them find the perfect dress. Nothing makes my adrenaline rush faster than matching bride to gown and winning the race! So, that has been on my brain all week. I have been reviewing style after style to make sure I have plenty of perfect items for each bride. Today’s challenge to myself was taking on the pare shape. This is a curvy figure with small waist, bigger bust and bigger hips. Feminine and beautiful the pare shape bride is perfect practice for my upcoming trunk show. So, what would I recommend for my fictional pare shaped bride? Here are my winners… Want to challenge me? Email us a picture and we will send you the perfect dresses to choose from! info@AnneBarge.com. I dare you to stump me!

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