Yesterday I teased you with more dresses for brides who’s waist is not necessarily something they want highlighted.  You still have tons of great options out there, and there are thousands of dresses that will highlight exactly what you want to highlight and hide exactly what you want to hide.

If you want a curvy and femanine shape, look for dresses made of heavier fabrics with built in support. Also, try on dropped-waist gowns to elongate your body and allow that curve to be highlighted.

Beading towards the neckline of the gown is useful in highlighting the face. It creates a frame and draws the viewers eye to your face. Add simple lines and you have hit a homerun!

To create a seamless line look for a dress with no waistline at all. This will make you look long and lean. Any detail adding verticle lines is a plus. You can even go a little more fitted for some shape and sex appeal.

I hope this helps with other options for highlighting parts other than your waist. Bust, curves, and face can all be highlighted too! There is a dress for every woman…I promise!

Do you have a body shape that has you stumped as to what to look for. Email us at Info@annebarge, and we can give you tons of options that will look great on you!

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