In many of our featured dress descriptions I have mentioned drawing the eye to your smallest point. What does that mean exactly and what is the point with doing it?

The whole reason behind wanting the eye to go to the smallest point on your body is simple…it makes you look smaller. When the eye is drawn to the smallest point the viewer automatically associates that with your size. It also creates femanine curves and a flattering shape.

The smallest point is usually the natural waist. One of my favorite ways to find your natural waist is the “I’m a little teapot song” (Yes, someone at work uses this to explain to brides where their natural waist it and it is pure genius!!!) When you “Tip me over and pour me out” the crease that is created in your side is your natural waist. See…it really is a genius way to locate your natural waist.

A great way to draw attention to the smallest point is a sash, belt, seam or beaded detail. You want the definition to be pretty obvious. The more obvious the definition the more defined you waist (aka smallest point) will be.

To sum it all up, if you want to look smaller and curvier emphasize your natural waist and draw your guests eyes to that point.

I know, some of you out there are thinking “what if my natural waist is not my smallest point?” Have no fear…simply come back and read our blog tomorrow and find out the other great options for flattering dresses!

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