In my experience there are two main ways in which brides choose their gown. The first way is by making a calculated thought out decision. The options have all been tried on and re-tried on. The choices have been narrowed until there is only one gown left standing. The second way is the “Wow Moment” method. This is when a bride comes out beaming in a gown, mom starts crying, and the veil is placed on for the final “yes”. The second happens far less than the first, but both are equally great ways to choose a gown.

I have also experience the “Wow Moment” letdown. A lot of brides go into their gown hunt fully expecting that when you find the right gown “you know”. It has been drilled into their heads that they will put on the dress and goosebumps will cover their whole body and tears will flow from everyones eyes. I would say 95% of the time there is no “Wow Moment” to help you choose the dress. You must make the choice. I guarantee you will have a “Wow Moment” it will just come later. For example, most “Wow Moments” come when your mother zips the dress up then stands back to have a look, when your Daddy enters the dressing area to see you as a bride for the first time, or when the doors open in front of you and your groom sees his bride finally.

If you are one of the lucky few brides to have a “Wow Moment” cherish it. Your descision making process has been made much easier and you will never have a doubt in your mind that you and your dress were meant to be. When you get home from finding your dress write down as much of the details as you can about your gown shopping experience. It will fade over time, but this moment is something you will want to remember forever! Maybe even have your shopping partner write down their experience as well for you to keep forever.

For those who need help with the decision making process…here are a few tips and questions to ask yourself.

Tip: When you put on a dress and decide it is a no get it out of your sight and out of your mind. Remember ruling a dress out is a productive step in narrowing down your choices. If you don’t love it, let it go!

Tip: Try on a little bit of everything. If you try on a trumpet and hate it you can rule out all trumpets for good. I call this the mass ruling out effect.

Tip: Do not even begin to think about a veil at this point…you have plenty of time to do that after you pick your dress. The less you have to focus on the better.

Tip: If you have a piece of jewelry that you absolutely must wear (such as a family heirloom) bring it with you. You can rule out options that do not go with it and move on.

Tip: Save your favorite to re-try on at the end. That way they are fresh in your mind.

Tip: At each shopping stop pick one or two favorites. If the others don’t stick out enough to be remembered later…they are not the one.

Questions to ask yourself:

Does this gown go with the mood I want for the wedding?

Does it go with my location?

Will I look silly twenty years from now?

Do I feel beautiful in it?

Hope this helps! If you have any tips for people shopping as well… comment here and we will put them all up.

I narrowed my choices to these two…I don’t know how I would decide!

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