On this blog we have talked tons about trunk show. We have discussed what they are, why to go, and how to prepare. But what does one wear to a trunk show?

Trunk shows are usually very busy events and the more time you can have trying on dresses the better. Usually trunk show appointments are an hour to hour and a half long. Stores will try to stick pretty close to this time as consultants are booked up. To give yourself more time with the dresses wear two things…1)wear an outfit that is easy to take off and put on and 2)wear the proper undergarments.

Jeans, cute tee-shirt, and ballet flats are a perfect outfit for trunk shows. They can be slipped off quickly to slip into dresses. Also, they can be slipped back on quickly in case you have to run back to the sales floor to grab more dresses!

Proper undergarments are also key in time management. Wear good panties and a strapless bra. If you don’t wear a bra, the store will often lend you one of theirs to wear. This means the consultant has to go find your size and then wait while you put it on. BAM! Five minutes gone! If you come with your bra already on you can go immediately into the dress.

I really empahsize valueing your time at a trunk show mainly for the end of your appointment. This is descision time. The more “leftover” time you have to re-try on your favorites or just walk around in the dress you love, the better your descision will feel. Rush a little in the beginning to have some think time at the end.

Time at a trunk show is valuable…give yourself the advantage by wearing a great trunk show outfit!

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