Close your eyes for just a sec as I set a winter scene for you. It’s a chilly winter night and a light snow gently falls outside. Inside, everyone is warm and toasty with candlelight reflecting off the windows and walls. The doors open and out steps the bride clad in soft ivory satin and a delicate lace coat. Her veil trails behind her framing perfectly the lace and skin of her back. Can’t you just see it, and don’t you just love it. In my opinion lace and winter go hand in hand. The delicateness of the lace is reminiscent of snow and frost, and both exude an atmosphere of peace. Not to mention, it’s getting colder out as winter comes on so a jacket would be a good idea. Take a look at these gorgeous lace Anne Barge jackets to add that grace and elegance to your winter wedding day.

La Fleur Lace Coat


Anniston Back



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