This is a very interesting interview with Anne Barge on NPR radio as to why wedding dresses cost so much. I am so glad someone finally paid attention to this topic as we get asked this questions constantly both at work and in our personal lives. As Anne states in the interview part of the cost of a wedding dress is the silk fabric, beading, french lace, multiple layers of structure built in, labor and travel cost. Anne Barge uses only the top of the line fabrics and top of the line beading for her gowns making her gowns on the higher end.At Anne Barge we pride ourselves on the high quality of our gowns so much so we call them “museum Quality”.¬†While this was a great interview, what struck me most was the comments made by users in response to the story. I was slightly agitated by the misinformed comments that were made (with exception to the wedding seamstress.) There is absolutely nothing wrong for paying good money for a magnificent dress. You do not need to feel bad if wearing the dress of your dreams is $8000 important to you, and no one should make you feel bad for it. Up until this point in your life it is an important day; you are forever joining the man of your dreams. So, take that you nay-sayers who commented on this interview. Buy what makes you feel beautiful, and spend what makes YOU happy. Thank you NPR for bringing this to light.

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