Often times brides think one way about lace. They think lace is either super formal, or the opposite, that lace is very casual. Today we hope to clear up this extremist view of lace. Lace can range from casual party dress to formal Westminster Abby wedding.

Part of what makes lace either formal or casual is the fabric it is on top of. If you are going for a less formal look, try a lace lined with organza, chiffon, linen or silk habotai. If you are going for a more formal gown look for silk satin, silk satin organza, taffeta or mikado. Another factor in the formality of the gown is embellishment. Typically casual will have grosgrain ribbon, simple bands or light flowers. A more formal will have beading, embroidery or heavy flowers. In the end, go with your gut. If the gown feels grand on…it is!

If you feel like you may have gone a little too casual with your dress, you can always formal it up with accessories. Try diamonds, rhinestones and a tiara on top. Another great idea to make a lace gown more formal is to add a long lace veil and dramatic make-up. On the other hand, if you feel as though you have gone a little too formal you can use those same accessories to dress it down. Think pearl studs, flower in hair, short saucy veil and natural hair and make-up.

Bottom line…don’t shy away from lace because of pre-concieved notions. Try it, no matter what the formality of your wedding.

Happy Shopping!

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