Anne Barge is unique in that you can completely customize your bridal gown. With it being soooo hot outside there is only one way I would want to customize my dress…cut it short! Take a look at some of these Anne Barge gowns that would look amazing as short little numbers. Wear them on your big day to keep cool, wear them to your rehersal dinner to start the weekend off right, or just wear them out!

For Anne Barge’s Grace gown, cut it to tea-length. You can keep the lace on the hem and buy a fabulous pair of shoes!

For LF191 cut it as short as you dare to go, but don’t go too short since it’s bare on top. Perfect for, say, Aruba?

For Anne Barge’s Windsor gown, cut the skirt off right before the skirt flares out. This is a perfect gown to cut short if you still want a little formality.

Just be creative, and you too can be cool while looking cool!

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