Today’s insider tips come from The White Room in Alabama. Another great batch of tips to absorb before you begin your bridal gown hunt. Thank you so much to The White Room for today’s amazing guest blog! Not to mention, we love the photo you sent along with it!

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Selecting the Perfect Gown

1st Suggestion

Go ahead and tear pictures of gowns from bridal magazines, but be open to trying new styles. While you may love the gowns featured in magazines, realize that certain styles may not be right for you.  Shop with an open mind.  “So many times a bride will come in looking for a specific style, like a mermaid gown, but when she tries it on, it just isn’t her,” says Kelley.  “But she may discover that she loves a ball gown instead.  Every bride will eventually experience that ‘a-ha’ moment.  Keeping an open mind will help her get there sooner.”

2nd Suggestion

Get online and check out the bridal shops. Sure, they all sell gowns, but no two bridal shops are the same.  When you call to schedule your appointment, be sure to ask questions such as:  Do you offer in-house alterations?  What is the price range of your gowns?  How long do your appointments last? By knowing what shops offer before beginning your search, you will save valuable time by visiting only the shops that meet your needs.

3rd Suggestion

Trust the experts. While it is you who will ultimately decide on the dress, trust professional suggestions.  “When girls come into our store, we ask different types of questions and begin to mentally think of which dresses are appropriate,” Kelley says.  “Instead of bringing out only a few dresses for the bride to see, we’ll take the girls into the gown room to show them all the gowns offered.  From there we’ll pull dresses for them to try on.”

4th Suggestion

Avoid becoming snow-blind.
By limiting yourself to visiting no more than two shops per day, you can keep the experience from becoming one big white blur.  “It can take up to two hours per visit, per store,” Kelley says.  If you try to fit in too many stores in one day, you’ll end up mentally and physically exhausted and unable to remember what dresses you saw that morning.”

5th suggestion

Limit the number of helpers. You may want your maid of honor, your mother, and six of your closest friends to watch you try on gowns, but too many people result in too many opinions.  “Everyone has an opinion, but remember that it’s coming from her own perspective, and not the bride’s,” Kelley says.  “Bring only your mother or your best friend.  Because in the end, it’s the opinions of those closest to you that will truly count the most.”

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