It always helps when going into bridal appointments to know a little lingo. A great place to start is with fabrics. You can use your lingo to not only impress your consultant,but also to help her narrow down choices for your dream dress. The more you know the better the choices! So here is a rundown of the major fabrics you will see upon entering your boutique.

Satin – A shiny, luxurious fabric. Heavy with great strength to hold you supported.

Taffeta – A light, airy silk fabric. It has a slight shine, and moves and makes noise when you walk. Feels very light on!

Chiffon – Very light silk fabric with tons of movement! Very little structure and known for beach front wear.

Organza – A light silk fabric with no sheen. Very light and very luxurious. Usually done in layer for extra dimension. Very little structure.

Net – Sheer fabric with no structure. It must be placed over another fabric for support, but drapes like a dream!

Lace – Floral pattern net for decoration. Enough said!

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