Getting dressed this week has been tricky. It’s a little cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon,and then cool again in the evening.  Not to mention, I am dying to wear anything besides my fall/winter clothes as I am sick of them! That leaves me with layers of cotton knit to peel off and pull back on. The cotton will breath when I am hot and warm when I am cold. Brides have the problem of not really being able to wear cotton knits. So, what does a March/April bride wear to be the perfect temperature? The answer…light silk satin. I know you are thinking “but satin is hot.” Yes, double faced silk satin is heavy and hot, but Italian silk satin is thin and breaths like a dream. You have the silk satin to keep you warm when it is cooler and you have the airflow and lightness to keep you cool when its warmish. PERFECT. To find out whether a dress is heavy or light satin simply pick it up. If the gown is a good arm workout its probably double faced satin, and it is light it is your lighter weave. Another way to tell is to rub it between your fingers and you can feel the thickness of the fabric. Want some examples of beautiful Italian satin gowns? I thought you’d never ask!

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