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This weekend I am doing something very very scary. I am hosting a tea party for five three-year-old girls. The theme of our tea party? It could only be one thing – the thing all three year old girls are experts on, princesses. We will have passion fruit tea, strawberry cupcakes and tiny peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off. Sipping on this tea will be one Belle, one Rapunzel, two Cinderellas and one Princess “Me”. This chaos in my house will be 100% worth it as the little girls will have the time of their life. After all, what little girl does not love being princess if even for just one day. Some brides are no different. They love the tiara, the jewelry and the skirt made of yards of fabric. Over the years we have had many “princess” gowns in our collection. Here are some of my favorites!

Since we are hot and heavy in awards season, I thought this was a great time to recap our amazing celebrity gowns. Remember any Anne Barge dress can be made in any color. Who do you think you will see in Anne Barge next?

Today they announced the nominees for this year’s academy awards. Five of Hollywood’s top actresses were nominated for their lead performances on the silver screen. Here they are with what we thing they should wear.

Glenn Close for “Albert Nobbs”

“August”- Just like it  is.

Viola Davis for “The Help”

In a great creamy yellow

Rooney Mara for “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”

“Cameron”is metallic gunmetal silver

Meryl Streep for “The Iron Lady”

“Anniston” in silver

Michelle Williams in “My Week with Marilyn”

“Tyler” in gorgeous perrywinkle blue

It’s no secret that we love There are so many great ideas, and so much inspiration. We pin as many of the good ones as we can so follow us @AnneBarge on ( Today I found one particular picture that I loved. It was a wedding party photoed with empty picture frames. That made me search for more, and I found so  many great uses for empty frames. Who knew? Check them out.

You can use empty frames in your portraits…

Or you can use frames to show guest how you went from strangers to husband and wife…

Or fill the frames with sentimental items…

While looking for another Golden Globe dress to make-over I came across this great slideshow on about great pin moments in film.,,20542054_20549582_21087534,00.html

I was inspired and sidetracked to come up with some of the great Anne Barge pin moments. Check them out.

One of the most gorgeous women to walk the red carpet was the always amazing Helen Mirren.  She came in remarkable navy Badgley Mischka gown with rhinestone belt. Everything was right.

This perfect look can be taken from the red carpet to aisle so easily. Wear any plain gown with super textured skirt. Then add rhinestone belt and off you go. Might we suggest our Camden gown and any of our beaded belts? (Psss…insider tip – you can wear the belt again and again with any dress in your closet!)

Today I am just in a light happy mood. Maybe it’s from playing dress up with a toddler, peek-a-boo with a baby or the gorgeous blue sky out my window. Either way, I thought the perfect dress to go along with my happy mood is our Camden gown. She is playful from head to toe starting with a flirty bow on the neckline and finishing with a dancing petal skirt. The natural waist bodice on this dress flatters the bride even with the added volume on the bottom from the textured petals. I would pair this gown with a funky birdcage veil, and the life of the party is born! Have fun with Camden and she will have fun with you!

While checking in with our Pinterest today I came across an invitation for a fairytale  baby shower. It was so gorgeous…just look.

Before I read the wording on the invite I thought, what a gorgeous and original wedding invitation. We’ve seen the “fairytale” theme used before a la Jessica Simpson, but what about a vintage, shabby chic fairy tale theme. Think more “Tangled”  than “Cinderella.” Woodland creatures about and soft pale flowers cascade off wooden tables. Heck, lets even hang those crystal chandeliers from the large oak trees and bring on the string quartet in the barn. Here are some great images and ideas for your classy fairy tale wedding with a whole different spin!

All can be found pinned with links on our boards.

This weekend Anne Barge will be making a personal appearance at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York. She will be working side by side with the amazing Kleinfeld consultants to put brides into the perfect gown. if that’s not great enough, Anne will be bringing the newest collection with her. Wow! Make your appointment now!

Today is Friday which means we usually put up “Fridays Featured Dress”, but today we finalized our 2012 ad shots. I thought that would be way more exciting! Here they are…let us know what you think!