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Happy Halloween…

October is one of the most popular times of year to get married, and Halloween should be no exception. I’m not talking about the outrageous vampire marries dead zombie type weddings. I am more speaking of the tasteful pumpkin themed Halloween weddings. Why not have fun, but keep it tasteful. Here are some tasteful and fun ways to have a Halloween themed wedding.

Real Bride…Anne Barge Couture

We try to remember all throughout market week why we do what we do. The reason? Our brides. Each year we put out two new collections, travel to New York, meet with buyer, and fly home. At the end of the day we always know that we do this so that each bride can find her dream dress. Those dresses are made for you! The bride is why we work hard and why we love working at what we do. That being said…it is important after all this market rush to see the result of all that hard work. I could not imagine anyone more perfect to fill that position than our real life bride Jessica. She married the love of her life Dustin wearing our gown, Carson. She looked amazing, and it takes our breath away every time we look at these photos! Thank you so much Jessica for sending us your pics, and for being a perfect Anne Barge bride!

Amazing Photos by: ‘Robin Roemer Photography

From Runway to Real Life…

So far we have received amazing feedback on our finale gown, Pembroke. She is an amazing gold lace fitted gown, and is perfect for the bride who wants to make a big statement. While she went down the runway with dramatic golden headpiece veil, you can make this gold dress work on your wedding day. My suggestion…still wear the gown in gold to make a statement but tone down the accessories to take it to the aisle. First, let’s take a look at the Pembroke dress…

First, add a pair of amazing gold heels…

Badgley Mischka “Fierce” Shoe available at

Next, add a gorgeous messy bun with custom hair comb to compliment Pembroke’s vintage feel…

“Lonkoosh” on

Finally, tone down the runway drama by adding a simple, sheer long veil. It’s perfect for framing the gown without detracting from the gorgeous lace and it adds drama without going over the top.

“Nina” veil by Toni Federici

Don’t let the drama of the runway keep you from having some drama on your big day. You can wear a dramatic dress with toned down accessories and look like a supermodel in your own rite!

Trunk Show Tips…

We’ve done this before, but not since last trunk show season so we are going to do it again. Our reps are packing up their suitcases and boarding flights to spread out across the country to visit our amazing stores. They bring with them tons of knowledge, help and gorgeous gowns. Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of your trunk show experience.

~Go with the intent to buy. This is important for two reason. The first, most stores offer trunk show incentives which will help you save a ton on your dress. If you don’t purchase the weekend of the trunk show, you will not get the incentive. Second, most of the dresses will leave the store and not be able to come back. While we do allow stores to borrow samples from us; trunk show dresses are very busy dresses and may not be free to pull. You may not be able to “visit” your trunk show dress for months after the dress leaves the store. Just have the mindset it’s a one time visit when you go in.

~Take only a small trusted party. Trunk shows are usually busy times in the store, and there will be more people and less minutes. Take only one or two trusted advisers with you. While trunk shows are super fun events with a party atmosphere, remember you are there to find the dress of YOUR dreams…not someone elses. Pick people who know your style, support your imagined look and will be honest with how a dress looks. Too many cooks in the kitchen can be too many opinions and too much stress.

~Dress for time. This is along the same lines as the smaller party. If the trunk show is fully booked you may only have an hour or two with the gowns and consultant. Dress to give yourself max dress time. Wear clothes that are easy to take on and off, and most important wear good bridal undergarments. A strapless bra and good panties will save you valuable time.

~Research. Take some time before the trunk show to click through If there are any dresses you love, call the store ahead and let them know. They can then double check with us to make sure those dresses are there for you to see. It can also help you save time once you are in the store by knowing what to see first.

~Be open. The consultants and representatives are experts, and they have seen these gowns a lot. If they tell you to put one on…put it on! They are extremely knowledgeable so take advantage of them.

These are just some tips from our experiences…let us know if you have any tips.