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Gorgeous Gown in custom color

Today we got in this beautiful Devereaux gown custom made in black. The lining, lace, horse hair, tulle and flowers were all made in black with the beading left in silver. The result is a stunning evening gown fit for the red carpet or any black tie event. Just think, you can do custom colors with any Anne Barge gown; imagine the possibilities!

The Short of It…

At last night’s VMA’s on MTV, stars from all walks of celebrity rocked the mini dress. They came in all shades and textures, and legs were the must have accessory. (Sorry Justin Beiber, but the snake was not a good accessory choice!) The personalities of the minis were as varied as the celebrities who wore them. There was lace, beading, sheer panels, cut-outs and feathers. No two looked alike. Just take a look at some of the minis worn on the black carpet last night…

Kelly Rowland

Katy Perry

Katie Holmes

Victoria Justice

Zoe Saldana

Do you love this rockstar look, or just have a great pair of legs you want to show off? Try these Anne Barge short gowns and rock your aisle on your big day, or wear short to your rehearsal and rock that too!

Here is another idea. If you don’t see a short dress you love, you can order a custom long dress made to be short. We can customize ANY gown to be a mini! Just check this example out!

So, take a cue from the rocker ladies of Hollywood, and dare to go short!

Featured Dress…Drew

It’s Friday! Not only does it proceed Saturday, but it is also the day we highlight one of the gorgeous dresses from our collection. Today we have chosen to show you Drew. She is a beauty encapsulating whimsy and romance. Made of tulle, Drew has a rouched strapless bodice and ballgown skirt. The skirt is tucked and draped in multiple layers to create texture and interest. She has a natural waistline and sweetheart neckline which makes her extremely forgiving and flattering,and if all that wasn’t enough we have added a beaded belt on velvet ribbon. She is perfect for all body types, all times of year and all locations.  Drew is on select trunk shows and in select Anne Barge retail stores. To find her near you or for more information email us at

Horse Hair…

At Anne Barge we love using materials in a new and unconventional way. One such item is bridal horsehair. Horse hair is a stiff mesh band that comes in different widths from small to wide. Typically horsehair is put into hem to hold the skirt out and strengthen the hem. Usually you cannot see the horsehair as it is in between the fabric and lining, but we have pulled it out of hiding and made it a focus! We loved how the stiff mesh made our tulle skirts ruffle and move, and we also love how it emphasized the multiple layers of our skirts. Put onto the tulle, it blends in with the texture, but emphasizes the unique cut of the skirt. Don’t you love the effect! Who knows what we will use next!

Friday’s Featured Dress…

Today’s dress comes from a past Anne Barge collection, but it truly a unique beauty. She is a meeting of contemporary and traditional. A gorgeous square neckline with dropped waistline enhances your gorgeous curves, and the sash at the waist nips in the waist to draw everyone’s eye to your smallest point making you look tiny. This tailored bodice supports and holds you in, and it is one of our most structured bodices in the entire collection. To add impact you have a large princess skirt with lace around the hem. To keep this dress from swinging into the too traditional category, the lace is a gorgeous black and ivory blend. (It does come in all ivory too!) This gown is flattering on everyone and goes with any season. She is available at Anne Barge retail stores and by request. Please feel free to contact us for more information, pricing and details at

Sash it up!!!

The past few seasons have been all about the belt. Simple elegant gowns adorned with gorgeous lace or flashy beads have graced every runway and have walked many aisles.  Don’t get us wrong, we love belts, but sometimes they can get a little pricey, and some brides also don’t want the flash of a belt. So, what other option do you have? How about a simple sash. You can do any color, width or fabric. Sashes enhance the waist making you look smaller and curvier. They are a great alternative to the belt. Just check out some of these Anne Barge sashes.

Back it up…

For most of the wedding ceremony your guest see one thing, your back. So, why not make the most of it. You can have a dress with a breathtaking front and a jawdropping back. You can have it all. Check out some of these Anne Barge gowns with amazing backs! Who wouldn’t want to stare at these through the whole ceremony?

Friday’s Featured Dress…

Today’s featured dress comes from one of our past collections, and 607 is truly a work of art. Made out of light and airy fabrics, this gorgeous gown is detailed with ribbon embroidered lace. The lace winds from the asymmetrical neckline, around the torso, hugs the hips and then covers the trumpet skirt. If the amazing ribbon embroidered lace wasn’t enough, gorgeous organza flowers adorn the waistline. This gown is a showstopper and is guaranteed to leave them breathless. While it does fit snug to the body, the inside is structured allowing more boy types to wear it. It goes very well with spring and summer, but can be accessorized to fit into fall and winter. This gown is flawless. Enjoy these photos! This dress is available on trunk shows and in stores now! For locations, pricing and more info email us at

Fabric 101 Taffeta Day…

It is no mystery that taffeta is my favorite fabric. I would wear it all the time and make every dress out of it if I could. Sadly, ugly 1980′s bridesmaid dresses gave taffeta a bad name. It comes in all sorts of blends and 100% silk, and the more poly in it the louder it swishes. A great way to know if you have great quality taffeta is to squish it. Silk will make some noise, but not alot. Silk will also be light and soft to the touch. Taffeta is a great fabric to work with. It folds perfect, pleats amazingly and cuts like a dream. With taffeta you get clean and crisp lines with billowing trains. The other upside to taffeta is the weight. It gives you structure and holds you in without weighing anything. Taffeta is strong yet light and cool. The downsides to taffeta? Ek, okay if I must, it wrinkles really easy. If it’s hot in your limo, plan to press the dress once you arrive at your destination. So, let’s recap shall we?

~Taffeta does not deserve the bad rep it has. Silk taffeta is gorgeous and quiet.

~Taffeta is strong, light, cool and clean.

~Taffeta comes in tons of colors and weights.

~Taffeta wrinkles easily.

~Taffeta is amazing!!!

Fabric 101 Chiffon…

Today we continue learning about popular bridal fabrics by delving into chiffon. Chiffon is typically 100% silk, but may sometimes be blended for strength.  Chiffon is a light and airy fabric. It is woven with tiny silk fibers spread apart to make the fabric sheer and gauzy. Chiffon cannot stand on it’s own and always comes lined with another fabric. Typically, but not always, chiffon is used in multiple layers. This layer upon layer effect makes for a lush and whimsical gown. Chiffon is associated with the Grecian looking gowns,and it is very rarely used in big skirts. This fabric is cool and great for outdoors where it can billow in the breeze. Be careful with chiffon as it does pull easily, but it fixes easily and presses like a dream. Take a look at some of these gorgeous chiffon examples…