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Check out this amazing photoshoot published on and shot by Jessica Janae photography. We love this gorgeous bride in her custom LF161 and the simple background. We wouldn’t change a thing, and we are so proud to have a tiny little part in this!

I can honestly say this is the most stylish rock the dress shoot I’ve ever seen…

There is so much to love about this rock the dress shoot by Jessica Janae Photography:

~ The sweet ‘first look’ between the couple

~ A blush skirted wedding dress with sleeves…and pockets!

~ The dainty posy bouquet of white peonies and pops of yellow

~ The groom looks sharp in his grey suit, checked tie and gold cufflinks to match his gold wedding band

~ Smokey eye make up and fresh faced foundations that doesn’t cover up the bride’s beautiful freckles

~ The bride’s long, messy, boho fishtail braid…I think it’s her hair I adore the most!

Ok enough of me waffling on, time to see for yourselves.

Meet Mr and Mrs Mikelle…

Such a gorgeous couple.

And who knew a simple white room and some comfy chairs would make the perfect backdrop?!

Thanks so much to the fantastic Jessica of Jessica Janae Photography for sharing these stunning images, check out her blog to see her latest work.

So…thoughts please, I’m sure I’m not the only one blown away by this stylish shoot!

Every so often I get something in my head that I just can’t shake. Today, it’s cake. While clicking around on I came across this slideshow of colorful cakes. It made me want to get married all over again. Maybe it’s my childhood love of Rainbow Brite coming back to the surface, or maybe it’s my love of color showing again. Whatever it is, I adore these cakes. I find them insanely inspirational, and they go so perfectly with some of our more fun and flirty gowns. Who would have thought you could look to the dessert to inspire your whole wedding!?

Cake by Cheryl Kleinman Cakes –  Goes great with Anne Barge’s “Bailey”

These super cute cake pops by Velvet Cream Bakery go perfect with Anne Barge’s “Skylar”

Gorgeous flirty cake by Sylvia Weinstock ( goes perfect with “Chessley”

So as always, Happy Shopping, and happy eating!

We’ve talked about this before last time it was hot, but I think with all time highs it’s a good time to review. Getting married in summer time is great, but you have to keep the weather in mind. Some fabrics are super hot, and you don’t need to overheat to look hot. It’s east to find a beautiful, showstopping gown in a cooler fabric. You will want to avoid satin, mikado, and anything with tons of layers as they will insulate the body. Look for some of these fabrics, and you will have it made in the shade!

1. Taffeta (real silk taffeta is amazing so please don’t shy away from this fabric because of it’s polyester cousin.)

2. Chiffon (check how many layers and lining fabric before commiting, but this fabric can breathe.)

3. Tulle (again, check layers and lining, but it has holes for air to pass!)

4. Organza (light and airy, but again, check layers and lining)

It is H-O-T, but some brides out there are braving the heat to walk down the aisle. Here are some great tips for keeping cool, and making yourself even more aisle ready. After all, we want to blush not glisten!

Tip: Wash your face with cold water then run an ice cube over face before drying. Not only will this cool you off, but it closes pores to minimize pores and minimize breakouts! Not to mention, the smaller the pores, the less sheen!

Tip: Switch to tinted moisturizer with SPF for hot summer days. Foundation can clog pores and be too heavy for this heat and humidity. Don’t want to purchase new foundation? Add some of your liquid foundation to your moisturizer for a half and half mix. You face will thank you.

Tip: Invest in Rosewater spray or make your own. Spritz face a couple times throughout the day for a little refresh!

Tip: Start using clinical strength deodorant now! Build up a little defense against armpit sweat now. If you wait until your big day to use it probably won’t work.

Tip: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Remember…check back all week for beat the heat ideas!!!

Oh happy day! Today I received gorgeous photos from one of our brides, and I cannot wait to show them to you. Behold, photos of our bride Jamie who was married on June 10. She purchased her dress at one of our trunk shows, and was able to even meet Anne Barge in person. Jamie is a great Anne Barge story, and an even better representative of Anne Barge. Thank you so much Jamie for the photos, and thank you so much for being such a beautiful bride in our dress!!!

Today we feature one of the newest additions to Anne Barge’s La Fleur line, Harper. We chose to feature her today because of her extreme versatility. She is an awesome shape, flawlessly-fit, well tailored gown. Her fitted  A-line skirt with strapless natural waist bodice fits everyone and anyone, and creates amazing feminine curves. She is perfect to accessorize any way you like, and she can take on any personality. Wear her with a great belt or jaw dropping shoes. Wear her with a sweet bird cage veil or a long beaded cathedral veil. Harper is a dream come true for anyone desiring a beautiful, flattering dress to mold to suit their needs.  Harper is available on select trunk shows and will be in stores soon. For more locations, pricing or information email us at

Today is the last day of our over-the-top accessories. Over the last three days we have shown you different ideas to jazz up a dress with colorful jewelry, modern pearls, and dazzling earrings. What’s left? Everything darling! Here are some great finds to spruce things up a bit, and amazing Anne Barge dresses to wear them with. We hope you have found our ideas inspirational, and more importantly we hope we have given you a jumping off point! Remember to keep an open mind, open eyes, and have fun shopping!

Anne Barge’s “Piper” Gown

Goes great with Anne Barge’s “Piper Belt”

Or how about…

“Grace Kelly Ivory Bridal Capelet” by Starpompn available on

To go with Anne Barge’s Raleigh

Or, how about something other than shoes? We love these “Waltzing Matilda” foot jewelry by Paris.

They would be amazing with Anne Barge’s “Skylar” at the beach!

Finally, what about this fabulous vintage clutch from Lark Vintage. Available on

With Anne Barge’s “Chessley”.

As our week dedicated to fun and funky accessories continue, I thought we would tackle a harder topic. It’s easy to wear something different and whimsical with a great plain dress, but what about it you want to wear lace. A very traditional textile, how do you wear it with something funky and modern? Well, what goes better with lace than pearls! Yes, you can still wear the VERY traditional combo, but shake it up with modern fun jewelry. Here are some pearls that go great with lace, but you would definitely not find in your Grandmother’s jewelry chest!

Anne Barge’s “Peyton”

“Pearly Girl Necklace” by Virginia Geiger Jewels available on

Vintage Chanel Pearl Earrings available at Carol Tanenbaum

“Clover” Necklace by Debra Moreland is Paris

Long Lacy Pearl drop Earrings by Town Country Jewelers available on

Yesterday we showed some amazing necklaces to go along an amazing Anne Barge gown. Today, how about some amazing earrings to highlight an amazing Anne Barge neckline? Today we will take a gorgeous Anne Barge gown and accent it with big and fun earrings. This just goes to show you can have a little fun and a little color, but still look like a bride. Happy shopping!

Anne Barge’s “Morgan”

Vintage KJL Dangly earrings available from Carol Tanenbaum

Fiorella Cluster Stud from Kate Spade

Crystal Mosaic Earrings by Roberta Chiarella

Milly Vintage Earrings available at Bloomingdales

Today in the U.S.A. we will be celebrating our independence with fireworks across the country. But shouldn’t everyone see fireworks on the day they marry the love of their life? We think so. A great way to do this (without shooting them off at your reception because that is too obvious) is to wear them! Who doesn’t love a simple, yet extraordinary, dress with a loud bang at your neck?!? Your dress will always be timeless, but your look will be modern with the addition of neck flair. Here is just one idea of a simple Anne Barge dress we love with different necklaces to add fireworks to your big day!

Anne Barge’s Raleigh gown

Option 1 – For a punch of color!

Karen Lindner –

Option 2 – For a vintage flair

Hinted Phlox Necklace from BHLDN –

Option 3 – For a spray of Class

Kate Spade’s “First Blush” –

Option 4 – For a bang of whimsey

Manic Trout “Leala way back when” –

Option 5- For more Anne Barge!

Anne Barge’s Raleigh necklace –