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Today’s featured dress is one that we have featured before, but is one of our favorites. It has definitely been one of our busiest seen on both Amber Riley (in black) and this week on Kristen Cavallari. Both looked equally stunning, and all of our brides look amazing in it. With one shoulder neckline, curve hugging seams, and flower petal filled skirt, 531 is a statement dress. It can be found in most Anne Barge retail stores, and on trunk shows. For additional details, pricing and location nearest you contact us at Trust us, you will look amazing in this gown…almost famous!

Photo of Kristen Cavallari featured on Go check out there website for more amazing photos and news.

Once again I was surprised to find a gorgeous Anne Barge bride’s photos in my email this morning. Wearing LF168, Jennifer got married on June 25th.  Her photographer, Paul Van Hoy II, took some amazing shots of her outdoor nuptuals. She looked amazing, and once again we are proud of our bride. Thank you so much to Jennifer for sending us these amazing shots and for being a perfect blushing bride, and thank you to our retailer Juliana’s for outfitting her flawlessly!

While skirts on wedding dresses have been trending towards the narrow end, some of us still want the princess ballgown. You want yards and yards of fabric in your skirt, and you want a train to trail behind you. I say, why not! If you want big, and can carry it, go big! Just one warning…sorry petite ladies…a voluminous skirt is not for you. (Don’t worry, just come back tomorrow to see what is for you!) Now, after one quick warning, on to the goods. Check out these amazing Anne Barge ballgowns!

Lovely Blog…

Wow, two blog post in one hour! I am H-O-T today! Check out this gorgeous wedding featured on the Lovely Bride blog. For those unfamiliar with this blog, it is an amazing wedding blog hosted by one of our retailers in New York City, Lovely. They always have the chicest weddings and trendiest ideas. I highly recommend adding it to your must read list. Today we were lucky enough to have a bride wearing our LF199 gown featured. She looked amazing, and we are thrilled. Check it out!

I saw this clip headline while at, and immediately was intrigued by this 12 year old phenom. He looks to Chanel and Versace for inspiration, drapes like a professional, and has extraordinary taste in fabric. It is refreshing to see young talent interested in our field.   Listen to us Grant…don’t listen to those silly bullies; you can wave to them from your limo as it drives down 5th Ave!!!

This week the blog StyleMePretty featured a Chapel Hill wedding in which the bride wore  our Jacqualine dress. Thank you so much to both StyleMePretty and the gorgeous bride. We love the colors and the fabrics. This was one amazing wedding!!!

Today’s featured dress is a gorgeous gown from our La Fleur collection named Morgan. Made of lush silk organza, Morgan can go from day to night, indoors to out. Simply dress up or dress down with fabulous accessories, and let the dress do the rest. The multiple layers along with the intricate seaming on the trumpet skirt will move and flow around you. The rest of the dress from the knees up will hug your curves, and the gorgeous pinched sweetheart neckline frames the face for a final breathtaking moment. It is detailed with ribbon sash and whimsical organza flowers at waist. This gown is simply beautiful. It’s fabric, cut and mood only enhances the brides natural beauty. This gown is available on select trunk shows, and samples will be in stores soon. Please contact us for more information, locations and pricing at

Yesterday we went over how to choose the right type dress for your outside wedding, and today we will do the same with inside weddings. The same general rules apply. The time of day dictates how formal the ceremony is, but try to keep your dress’ mood the same as the venue. You wouldn’t want to wear a huge silk satin, fully beaded, chapel length train inside a modern art gallery full of glass sculptures. Also, with the main category of indoor wedding, church weddings, be sure to check with the chapel for any guidelines they have. Some places of worship require your dress to cover your shoulders, show no cleavage or other stipulations. Be sure to check with the person in charge before you go shopping for any rules they may have.  Most indoor weddings look for silk satins, organzas, taffetas, mikados and shantungs. These are the thicker more lux fabrics, but since you are inside the heat won’t be a problem. Here are some examples to get your juices flowing. Happy shopping.

For indoor chapel go more formal and traditional…like this…


For a grand hotel wedding…go formal but with a more modern approach like this…


For a hip art gallery location…go a little less formal but modern like this…


For a formal night church wedding….go all out formal like this…

We hope these ideas help to spark your ideas. If you are having an indoor wedding and are completely stumped on what to wear, email us at We will blog some ideas for you to get you started.

Yesterday we showed off the versatility of lace by classiying it into two catagories, formal and casual. Today, I thought we would take a look at another versitile aspect of weddings…the location. As I gathered information to write about this topic, I discovered it was way too big to cover in one day. So, I have broken it into two days and indoor verse outdoor locations. Since I long for a break in the heat to go outdoors, we will begin with the great outdoors. Obviously some of the formality of the wedding still depends on the time, but the other half depends on the location you choose. The rules with the dress, however, remain the same. First, the fabric. For more formal weddings head towards silk satins, Shantung, silk satin organza’s, mikados, and lace lined with the same. For a more casual look head for the chiffons, orgnazas, taffeta, and laces lined in the same. Next, look at train length. For more formal go longer and shorter for casual. Beading and embroidery tend to make a gown more formal, but ribbons and sashes can take it either way depending on what they are made of.

The only complication with outdoor sites and matching the dress is the personality of the site. The two need to somewhat go together. If you are going for a laid back morning garden wedding; choose a dress that’s light and airy with smaller skirt and floral theme. If you are going for grand wedding on the lawn of a mansion; go big and grand to stand up to the bold backdrop. Perhaps photos would better explain and help you choose the right dress for the right location.

Gorgeous beach front…go with something like this…

____________ * ___________

Nautical theme…go with simple structure like this…


Fancy Mansion…take it up a notch with something like this…

Need other ideas for outdoor weddings? Send a photo of your venue and we will write a post with some help. ( Happy shopping!

Often times brides think one way about lace. They think lace is either super formal, or the opposite, that lace is very casual. Today we hope to clear up this extremist view of lace. Lace can range from casual party dress to formal Westminster Abby wedding.

Part of what makes lace either formal or casual is the fabric it is on top of. If you are going for a less formal look, try a lace lined with organza, chiffon, linen or silk habotai. If you are going for a more formal gown look for silk satin, silk satin organza, taffeta or mikado. Another factor in the formality of the gown is embellishment. Typically casual will have grosgrain ribbon, simple bands or light flowers. A more formal will have beading, embroidery or heavy flowers. In the end, go with your gut. If the gown feels grand on…it is!

If you feel like you may have gone a little too casual with your dress, you can always formal it up with accessories. Try diamonds, rhinestones and a tiara on top. Another great idea to make a lace gown more formal is to add a long lace veil and dramatic make-up. On the other hand, if you feel as though you have gone a little too formal you can use those same accessories to dress it down. Think pearl studs, flower in hair, short saucy veil and natural hair and make-up.

Bottom line…don’t shy away from lace because of pre-concieved notions. Try it, no matter what the formality of your wedding.

Happy Shopping!

Casual lace ideas…