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My alarm went off this morning at 5:50 exactly. I rolled out of bed, and flipped on the signal light. Once the light was on the neighborhood girls all in our PJ’s gathered to watch “The Royal Wedding.” A group composed of past brides, soon to be brides, news producer, wedding blogger, mothers, daughters and die hard romantics all in one room to comment and judge the royal wedding. The brief synopsis…loving and perfect. From Kate’s flawless look  to Pippa’s breathtaking bridesmaid dress to the couples loving gazes it was all perfect. Here is my wedding top 5 countdown. Feel free to send us your top 5 and we will put them up.(

5. The Queen – Being an American we don’t have the formality and pageantry that goes along with a royal family. At the head of the British royal family is the Queen. I adored her happy yellow ensemble, and I loved seeing her in the role of “Grandmother”. It’s always a pleasure to see Her Royal Highness.

Image USA Today

4.The Hats – Besides the Kentucky Derby, where do you see hats like the ones worn today? They came in colors ranging from coral to navy, and they were adorned with feathers, horse-hair and trims. Every woman had an original hat well matched to their ensemble, and all the women looked perfectly British. Plus, whoever thought of the headband hat was a sheer genius. I think perhaps I shall wear one to the next wedding I attend (Sorry whoever sits behind me!)

Joss Stone USA Today

Lady Frederick Winsor USA Today

3. Pippa – The surprise of the morning would have to be Pippa’s look. She looked amazing in a white silk crepe floor length bridesmaid dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The cowl neckline had peeks of lace and it fit her to a T. She looked amazing, and better than her dress was the joy on her face for her sister. Love, love, love!

Image by Getty

2. “The Dress” – Kate Middleton (now Her Royal Highness) looked amazing in her dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. I loved everything about it, but what really threw me over the edge was it’s dedication to it’s country. The lace was handmade by The Royal School of Needlework based at Hampton Court, and it incorporated a rose, daffodil, thistle and shamrock design. The fabric was sourced and supplied by British companies, and the design was created with inspiration from fashion history. The gown perfectly embodied the history of the country while ushering in the new tradition. It was flawless and truly emphasized Kate herself.

Image from CBS

1. The love the couple displayed – I couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the romance of the morning. I remember clearly how nervous I was on my wedding day,and the calm that came over me the second I laid eyes on my soon to be husband. It really touched me when she arrived at the alter and Prince William said something that made her giggle. That’s love. Throughout the ceremony, carriage ride and kiss the couple looked exuberant. They looked truly in love and truly happy to be each other’s. I think everyone watching would agree the wedding was a union of two people in love. I think they just might make it!

The First Kiss – USA Today

What are your top 5? Email them to us at and we will post them for all to see!

Kate Middleton has tons of inspiration to draw from just in her soon-to-be royal family. Here is a brief look at previous brides from the royal family. Do you see any clues here?

Queen Elizabeth to Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

Princess Diana to Prince Charles,Prince of Whales

Sarah Ferguson to Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Princess Margaret to Anthony Armstrong-Jones

Queen Victoria to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, to Prince Edward

We know not all of these marriages didn’t have a happy ending,but we hope the best for Wills and Kate!

PS-I hope she brings leg of mutton sleeves back!

With all the speculation as to who will design “the dress”,I thought it would be fun to ask Anne which Anne Barge gown she would put Kate in. It took her moments to respond with her remarkable ability to know which dress belongs to which bride. Her choice, Carson. A luxurious silk taffeta princess gown with gorgeous pleated bodice. She would have to add sleeves for Westminster Abbey, and her choice would be shoulder tip quarter length sleeves. The only other change she would make? Simple, a ten foot train to follow Kate down the 4 minute long aisle! I think its the perfect choice for Kate, and who knows…the doors may open Friday to reveal just this dress!!!

With all eyes turning to London for the final countdown, it only seems right that we dedicate our blog this week to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We will bring you royal ideas, designer tips and royal tidbits throughout the week to get us to the Friday afternoon nuptials. Then, we will help you get Kate’s look (Which up until the day will be total mystery!) for a non-royal budget.

Today we begin with one of the most famous and definitely one of the most beautiful royal brides, Princess Grace of Monaco. Her iconic bridal image has been replicated time and time again, and will continue to be emulated as one of the best dressed of all times. Her flawless, polished wedding look will live forever at the top of the list.

Gown: “Grace” by Anne Barge

Tiara: “Carmen” by Debra Moreland is Paris.

Shoes: “Lilly” by Badgley Mischka.

Today’s dress comes from a past La Fleur collection. Simply gorgeous, are perfect words for describing LF191. The alencon runs the length of the sheath gown culminating in a sweep train. To finish off this more casual look, a low front and back neckline held with spaghetti straps. This gown is perfect for a more casual wedding any time of year, and  it is a perfect example of casual lace and flawlessly fit silhouette. For additional details, pricing and locations email us at

Martha Stewart did a great piece on one of this market’s big trends, modern lace. What a great ironic trend. Lace is typically known as super traditional and sometimes seen by brides as stuffy. Not anymore!!! Lace now comes in modern and even, dare we say, sexy silhouettes. The pattern in laces ranges from traditional alencon to modern architectural Chantilly. We love that this trend was highlighted this season, and that our own Anne Barge gown, Chessley was featured. Anne Barge has always been known for updating traditional styles in a timeless way, and lace is one of her best platforms. Here’s to lace’s acceptance into the modern world!

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to peruse Anne Barge Spring 2012 runway shots. If not…here are a couple places to see them.

What you may have noticed in the shots is the gorgeous and one-of-a-kind jewelry. We were so lucky this market to work with Karen Lindner. Her pieces perfectly accented our gowns, and flowed effortlessly into our vintage feel. Check out these photos of her necklaces with two of our gowns, and be sure to see her website for amazing pieces you can wear anytime – not just on your wedding day!

The new collection is out and traveling. Keep checking back for more dates, and to find Anne Barge in a city near you.

April 18-30 – “Best of” traveling set at She Said Yes in Rogers, AK – 479.631.2006

April 29-30 – Zita’s in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin- 414.332.0126

May 6-8 – Gabrielle’s Bridal in Campbell, CA- 408.370.4999

May 13-15- L’Elite in Boston, MA -617.424.1010

May 20-22 – Malindy Elene in St. Petersburg, FL – 727.898.6866

May 20-29- “Best of” travel set – Traditions by Anna in Raleigh,NC – 919.783.8652

Here are some more great shots of the new Anne Barge gowns. More to come next week when we put all our shots with details up!

Exciting news: Anne Barge will be in person at Kleinfeld in New York City. But wait…it gets better! The new, still steaming from the runway, gowns will be there to. This is your chance to have the designer help you find the dress of your dreams. It’s also your chance to be the first bride EVER to wear one of the new gowns just shown last weekend for the first time! You don’t want to miss this!