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I came across this absolutly amazing centerpiece on today, and I fell in love instantly. Maybe it is because I am ready for spring, or maybe it is because it it so much fun. Take a gander…

You could really plan a whole wedding around this centerpiece. Hot, colorful bridesmaid dresses, and of coarse an amazing Anne Barge gown. How about this one?

We have talked time and time again on this blog about making you look slimmer. Golden rule…if you have a small waist emphasize it as your smallest point. This is a great tip for those wanting to hide a bigger bottom half or larger bust.  By making your smallest point the focus, you take pounds off without having to hit the gym. Genius. The most obvious way, and way we have emphasized over and over, is to use a belt or sash. What if you aren’t into that? What other way can you emphasize the waist? With a seam! Even a small line creates a focal point for the eye. It isn’t a major design detail, but has just enough of an impact to shave those inches off. Here are some great examples of gowns that emphasize the waist without a belt or sash.

One of the major trends this year at the Oscars was slim skirts. Off the top of my head, I only remember one full skirt. Wearing a slimmer skirt has a couple advantages. The first is that a slimmer skirt can make you look taller. By creating a long verticle line, you extend your height a couple inches. The second advantage is that you have more mobility; you can hug, mingle and sit a little easier. A great fear of brides wearing a slimmer skirt is that they won’t feel as “bridal” as they would with ball-gown. Here are some great examples of pure wedding dresses with slim skirts that won’t leave you wanting.

As we wind down Oscar week, it is only right to feature our Anne Barge dress that walked down the red carpet this week. Julia Ormond may have worn it in black with nude lining, but it looks equally as fabulous in it’s bridal ivory.  A gorgeous alencon lace goes from neckline to hem on a gorgeous trumpet silhouette. The sweetheart neckline is accented with tulle, the natural waistline in accented with beaded belt,and the hem is accented with scalloped lace. All of these amazing details make one flawless lace gown perfect for a traditional bride who longs for a modern silhouette. This gown is surprising easy to wear with tons of support and structure built in, but just make sure you are ready to show off those feminine curves! This beauty is perfect for any time of year and any location. For additional information, pricing and locations email us at This dress is available on trunk show, and available for your walk down any color carpet!!!

Today we will make over the ever classic, Michelle Williams. This award season she has come out in one classy dress after the other, and her Chanel clad walk down the runway was no exception. With her pixie hair, this simple Chanel gown looked amazing. If you want a classy and classic try this Anne Barge sheath, Sinclair.

We all know Matthew McConaughy is a pretty darn good looking man,but Camila Alves managed to outshine him on the red carpet. She looked amazing in a black ballgown by  Kaufmanfranco. The plunging neckline angled perfectly into a flattering natural waistband, and a full ballgown skirt polished off the “wow” factor. Gorgeous! Want this look on your wedding day? Try Anne Barge’s “Bailey” gown. It is the same shape (a little more modest) and comes plain or in the gorgeous as sampled swiss dot fabric! Match made in Heaven!