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As bridal season is in full swing there are tons of great events happening for brides. Our retail stores, located around the world, are getting in on the action. Tons of our stores have great events going on right now, and here are just a couple to choose from.  To find out if your local store is having an Anne Barge event (or other great event) check out for their web addresses.

Alta Moda in Salt Lake City,Utah is having an unbelievable Anne Barge Trunk Show  -

The Plumed Serpent in Westport, CT is celebrating their 10th Anniversary. To honor the occasion they are having an Anne Barge runway show complete with yummy goodies and Sylvia Weinstock.  -

The White Room in Birmingham, AL will be at “Bridal Market by Perfect Wedding Guide”. It will feature a runway show at The Embassy Suites. -

Lovely in NewYork,NY is having an amazing bridesmaid sample sale. Can you say rehearsal dinner dress?

The White Dress By The Shore is having a “Lace” Event in which any participating designers (yes, Anne Barge is participating) lace goods are 10% off.

In addition to these…so much more is going on. Check out store’s websites and blogs for more!

In bridal the word whimsy is used a lot. In my mind whimsy means light, airy and uber-romantic. To it means “an odd or fanciful notion”. Such a great word, and one of my favorites! I picture a whimsical bride as one who gets married barefoot in a lush forrest somewhere in Ireland with daffodils in the air and babies breath bouquet, but a whimsical bride can really get married anywhere. Lace is the obvious choice for a whimsical dress, but to give another option think flowers. Fabric flowers add whimsy to EVERYTHING! The soften a dress and create an imaginative detail for onlookers to recall later. Need to see it in pictures…be my guest!

As many of you may have heard (not that we have said it here a bajillion times) Glee’s Amber Riley graced the red carpet in a custom Anne Barge gown. It was truly exciting, and we have loved all the comments we have received. We have also been extremely flattered by the positive press. Here is one more article written on Thank you so much for your support!

Amber Riley’s Anne Barge SAG Awards Dress

Glee‘s Amber Riley looked drop dead gorgeous in this dramatic black Anne Barge gown she wore to last week’s SAG Awards. The dress was inspired by a wedding dress that Amber simply adored, according to Anne.

“She became interested in the style after having seen a wedding gown very similar of ours,” Anne told Wedding Dresses. “We custom made it per her measurements, and I thought the look was perfect for her petite height. The floral corsage on the one shoulder, the fitted rouched elongated bodice and the full flower covered skirt really emphasized her curves. I thought the proportions were perfect for her.”

Today’s featured dress is a flirty dream come true. A tailored and perfectly fitted bodice sits atop a matching belt, but below the belt is where the magic starts. Interest adding seams swirl around the body to hug your curves then spill into an a-line skirt. Fun and whimsical flower appliques detail the hemline of the skirt and sweep train. This gown is just pure innocent fun without being over the top or too trendy. This gown works best in less formal settings, but is great on any body type. It can also be accessorized for any season. For more information, pricing or locations please contact us at 

We are so excited for The Plumed Serpent in Connecticut as they celebrate their 10 year anniversary,and we are honored that they have let us in on that celebration. To kick things off, they will be having and Anne Barge runway show complete with Anne Barge! Cake genius Sylvia Weinstock will also be a part of the weekend celebration so you know amazing yummy things are in store. Why not wash some of those yummy treats down with bubbly champagne? We hope everyone can come celebrate with The Plumed Serpent, but space is limited. Call today to make your reservation…this is one you do not want to miss!!!

The Plumed Serpent

295 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880-3613
(203) 226-9868

Tomorrow we depart to our second “World Series of Poker” event. I can’t help it but I am extremely superstitious and have begun racing around the house to make sure all our lucky charms are packed. Its not as if I think he will lose without them; I just don’t want to take a chance that he will lose without them. I would rather have them and never know the difference. The equivalent of this in the wedding world is the sixpence in the shoe. Most people know the rhyme “something old,something new, something borrowed, something blue.” What most people don’t know is the last line…”a silver sixpence in your shoe.” I did not know that last line. Thank goodness my grandmother did and we happened to have a family silver sixpence worn for generations from England. Phew, that was a close one! Besides not tempting lady luck, the silver sixpence in your shoe is a cute fun tradition. There was something soothing about feeling that coin in my shoe during the ceremony. Almost smug like “haha nothing can happen to us caused I have a sixpence in my shoe.” Now thinking about it…I think I will put one in at all times! Maybe I should wear it in my shoe all weekend…it can’t hurt!

Want your own sixpence? Here are some great places to find them!



What about different ways to wear sixpence? After all, if you wear one and he wears one, that’s double the luck right?

The Coin Jeweler on (

Transforming the red carpet look of Amber Riley into bridal is a piece of cake. Simply wear the gown in white and pair with gorgeous sparkly bracelet. Love her hair too, but want to wear it down the aisle instead of red carpet…stick a simple plain long veil in the top and let it cascade over your hair. Pop on some hot pink lipstick in the shade best with your skin tone and you are good to go. Its simple, elegant and drop dead gorgeous.

Might we suggest this gorgeous sparkley floral cuff from Karen Lindner?

After each award show I glue myself to the T.V. to watch Fashion Police on E! with Joan Rivers.

She sits with a panel of friends and judges the best and worst from the red carpet. While the commentary is sometimes a big vulgar, it is a great way to sort through the hits and misses of the night before. It is also an honest opinion of who looked good and who should fire their stylist. If there is one thing about Joan; she says it like it is. All that being said, imagine how excited we were to hear Amber receive not one, not two, but three “perfects” from Joan Rivers!!! We were ecstatic. We knew Amber Riley, aka Mercedes from Glee, looked fantastic, but it feels so great to hear other people in the industry agree. It doesn’t get much better than this folks! Thanks again Amber for looking so beautiful and Joan for such a great compliment!