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We interrupt this week of bridal inspiration to bring you an exciting and glamorous announcement. Anne Barge wowed the red carpet again. This time  Julia Ormond glammed it up to take a perambulation down the Oscar red carpet. She wore a black lace trumpet gown lined in nude allowing the lace to leap off the body for a breathtaking look. It was flawless!!! Who’s next?

Okay, here we go. As with most award shows, we will be taking looks from last night’s Oscar red carpet and translating them to Anne Barge bridal gowns. What a better place to start than with Halle Berry? She graced the carpet last night in a nude, crystal encrusted Marchesa gown. Loved how she looked…try Anne Barge’s “Blake” to get the look.

Daffodils are starting to emerge from the soil, birds are starting their songs and small specks of green are appearing on trees. Spring is coming! Today’s featured dress is the epitome of Spring. It is light and airy with layers of organza and Chantilly lace. The flattering A-line, strapless silhouette is detailed with Chantilly lace at the bodice,waist and hem. To polish off the perfect look,a custom made silk flower adorns the waist. This dress looks great on everyone, and is perfect for spring and summer. This dress can be seen on trunk show and in your Anne Barge retail store. For additional information, pricing or exact locations email us at

As February winds down it is time to begin thinking of March scheduling. Appointments for Anne Barge trunk shows fill up fast so make your’s today! We can’t wait to see you! If you can’t find one near you visit our website or email us at

March 4-5, 2011

Belle Vie – Chicago, IL - 312.751.2222 -

Belle Mariee – Houston, TX -713.523.0068 -

March 11-12, 2011

Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier – New York, NY -212.319.6778 -

White – Daniel Island, SC – 843.471.2975 –

March 18-19, 2011

Neiman Marcus – Dallas, TX - 214.741.6911 -

Chic Parisien – Coral Gables, FL - 305.448.5756 -

March 25-26, 2011

Hitched – Washington, D.C. -202.333.6162 -

Hayden Olivia – Charlotte, NC- 704.333.0377 -

Happy Shopping!

So many of my post have to do with the weather conditions, and today’s weather forecast has inspired me to blog about silk chiffon. Today’s forecast in partly cloudy and windy. While the wind can be annoying as it gets hair stuck in your lip gloss, wind can do amazing things for bridal portraits. Some of the best wedding photos are those in which the wind gingerly picks up the dress and hair. A fabric that works hand-in-hand with the wind to create those romantic shots is silk chiffon. It is light enough to be picked up by the wind, but has a tight enough weave to parachute open perfectly. Not to mention, silk chiffon is insanely light, comfortable and drapes like a dream. Here are some beautiful Anne Barge examples of silk chiffon…

One of the most important things to make your clothes fit correctly to optimize skinny appearance is tailoring. Pants the perfect length, shoulders hitting the right spot on the shoulder, and side seams that skim the waist make a huge difference. That makes a tailored and well-fit bridal gown a diamond! Flawless seams with great structure will have you feeling like a million bucks from the inside as it holds and supports. From the outside you will be a beacon of the female form with small waist and shaped bust. Today’s featured dress, Sloane,  is one such tailored dress. The perfectly fit bodice supports, tucks and pushes-up your upper-body while the pleated A-line skirt flatters the bottom half. To add interest, banded details adorn the bodice. This simple yet gorgeous dress is great to accessorize adding your personality. It looks amazing on all body types and can be worn any season anywhere. I encourage everyone Sloane on; even if you don’t like it you will know what a well-fitting and structured dress SHOULD feel like. For more details, pricing and locations email us at dress is on trunk show!!!

It always helps when going into bridal appointments to know a little lingo. A great place to start is with fabrics. You can use your lingo to not only impress your consultant,but also to help her narrow down choices for your dream dress. The more you know the better the choices! So here is a rundown of the major fabrics you will see upon entering your boutique.

Satin – A shiny, luxurious fabric. Heavy with great strength to hold you supported.

Taffeta – A light, airy silk fabric. It has a slight shine, and moves and makes noise when you walk. Feels very light on!

Chiffon – Very light silk fabric with tons of movement! Very little structure and known for beach front wear.

Organza – A light silk fabric with no sheen. Very light and very luxurious. Usually done in layer for extra dimension. Very little structure.

Net – Sheer fabric with no structure. It must be placed over another fabric for support, but drapes like a dream!

Lace – Floral pattern net for decoration. Enough said!

Getting dressed this week has been tricky. It’s a little cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon,and then cool again in the evening.  Not to mention, I am dying to wear anything besides my fall/winter clothes as I am sick of them! That leaves me with layers of cotton knit to peel off and pull back on. The cotton will breath when I am hot and warm when I am cold. Brides have the problem of not really being able to wear cotton knits. So, what does a March/April bride wear to be the perfect temperature? The answer…light silk satin. I know you are thinking “but satin is hot.” Yes, double faced silk satin is heavy and hot, but Italian silk satin is thin and breaths like a dream. You have the silk satin to keep you warm when it is cooler and you have the airflow and lightness to keep you cool when its warmish. PERFECT. To find out whether a dress is heavy or light satin simply pick it up. If the gown is a good arm workout its probably double faced satin, and it is light it is your lighter weave. Another way to tell is to rub it between your fingers and you can feel the thickness of the fabric. Want some examples of beautiful Italian satin gowns? I thought you’d never ask!

I LOVE the grammys. The musicians that show up hold nothing back, and they come to have fun with what they wear. Where else can you find a haute couture dress embroidered with swans…

Florence Welch in Givenchy

An amazing disco ball dress…

Jennifer Lopez in Emilio Pucci

A completely un-boring black and white cocktail dress…

Eva Longoria in Ashi Studio

And this???

Gaga..enough said

There were definite hits and definite misses last night, but it was so exciting. Unlike other award shows where beautiful gown follows beautiful gown; with the Grammys you never know what is coming next. I mean, did anyone predict a cocoon like Lady Gaga? Usually this is the point where we give ideas on how to turn a red-carpet into a bridal look, but I am not going to attempt that here. Let’s just use this post as a chance to say…take a fashion risk every once in a while!

It has been cold and dreary all over the U.S. this week. Snow has trapped many and caused all sorts of chaos on our lives. Cabin fever, injuries, power outages and trapped two year olds…it’s been no fun! It’s no wonder that all this has me dreaming of spring and daffodils. Thus, I have chosen a warm breeze of a dress from our past, LF199, to be today’s featured gown. This light and airy dream has been dubbed by some as the “magic” dress. It looks amazingly great on everyone (just like those jeans from that movie!), and it can work in so many locations with the right accessories. Soft tulle wraps the body and drapes into a gorgeous chapel train. The natural waist is highlighted with a green velvet belt which can be any color you like.  It’s so simple, yet so breathtaking. This gown is available in most Anne Barge stores, and will work anywhere on anyone. Plus, it will make you feel the warmth in your soul. For additional details, pricing and locations email us at