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Today’s featured dress is a first in Anne Barge blog history. For the first time, we will have a short dress as our “Friday’s featured dress.” Debuting this season, “Skylar” is a textured dream come true. The bodice is lined with gorgeous lace with an ruched sheer overlay. The sheer overlay adds interest to the bodice while still allowing the lace to peek through. The lace and sheer fabric are then used in the skirt pieced together to create a full bodied knee-length skirt. To pull the whole ensemble together, a beaded belt is added at the waist. This look goes from courthouse to beach to garden to dock to Italian village. Perfect for any time of year as long as you take temperature into consideration, and it looks great on all body types. For additional information, pricing and locations please contact us at This dress will be in stores soon, but is available on trunk shows!

I was poking around today to find myself a new pair of rainboots when I came across these beauties. They were on and are called the Duck, Duck, Boot. Their cuteness led me to think…how cute would these be on a rainy wedding day. Slip them on to head from ceremony to church to keep your wedding shoes dry. Heck, why not just wear these little gems the whole day!

I love Christmas cookies in fun shapes absolutely covered in yummy, gooey, sugary icing. Just imagine…if icing on a cookie is that good…icing on a bride is even better! Did you know that many of Anne Barge’s gowns have matching veils. If they don’t, tons of times we can make a matching veil. A great place to get one of these matching veils is a trunk show. The Anne Barge Rep can help you map out the details right there with your dress on. Just take a look at how great they look with the dresses!

Today’s featured dress comes to us from the latest and greatest Anne Barge collection. From the La Fleur line, I present to you Bailey. Bailey is a deep v-neck, a-line gown with a cummerbund waist accented with fun flowers. The straps open in the back for a deep v-neck back, and the gown ends in a chapel train. The best part of this gown, however, is the whimsical fabric. It is polka dot organza! When you put all those details together you get one perfectly adorable gown! This gown is great  on  ALL body types, and works any time of year. For more information, pricing and locations please contact us at This gown is not available in stores yet, but is traveling the country for trunk shows!

It is common knowledge that Anne loves all her gowns and sees them all as children, but even she has a couple favorites.  This season, Anne’s favorites became her favorites because of the inspiration behind them. She loved these two dresses so much that she opened and closed the show with them, but more importantly, she let one of her own walk down the aisle in it! So, what were these two favorites…



Ivory, Candlelight, Pearl, Diamond White, Blush and Buttercup all have one thing in common. They are all the different colors our wedding gowns come in. When working with brides I get a lot of reluctance when mentioning colors. Most cringe a little bit when they hear the color they love is not called “white” but candlelight. What will people think of a wedding gown in blush. In reality…nothing.  Let’s face it, not everyone looks good in white. To be honest, very few people look good in pure white. Different complexions look best in different shades. Dark complexions look breathtaking in buttercup, and fair skinned red-heads look amazing in blush. Don’t get too caught up in what color your wedding dress is. Go with what shade looks best on you. Remember at the end of the day, pearl is a shade of white…your best shade!





As a wholesaler, we depend on our stores to convey our ideas of service and luxury to you, the bride.  One store that is going above and beyond to make their brides feel special is our store in Connecticut, The White Dress by the Shore. Owner,Beth Chapman’s motto is that the day you buy the dress should feel as special as the day you wear the dress. That is so true! This is the most fun shopping you will ever do in your life so why not make the most of it. Her special “White Carpet Service” offers brides exclusivity of the store, yummy goodies, bubbly champagne, and even a photographer! My advice…if you are anywhere near Connecticut, run to the White dress by the Shore!

It is finally cold enough to snow outside, and twinkling lights are starting to go up around the city. Carols hang in the air, and energy pulses through the air. What a wonderful time of year. As I was thinking about what to write today, I scrolled through some old photos for inspiration. I came across our ad campaign from 2010. The pictures set the mood perfectly for this time of year. They are snowy, whimsical and charming. It is almost as though our concept for the shoot was holiday. Why, I think even Fred and Ginger would have been happy twirling around in this atmosphere!

Every once in a while a show comes along that inspires the fashion world. In this rare case, the TV show took us back to a more glamorous time and inspired design with their new costume takes on vintage fashion. AMC’s Mad Men takes place in the bustling New York advertising world in 1960. Costume designer, Janie Bryant, brought back the cinched waist, full circle skirts, and luxurious fabrics. She brought back femanine curves and subtle sexy silouettes.

The fashion world took note of these empowered and sexy women…so did the bridal world.

This market was one of the most successul ever! We are still hearing about it, and people are still talking about it. Check out these two videos on! We were so excited to see them, and we hope you enjoy them! Thank you to The Knot for putting them up.