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As our trunk show orders pour in weekend after weekend, I have begun to see lace dresses take off. This season we put out some gorgeous new lace gowns, and brides everywhere are loving them. After seeing the success they are having around the country…I thought a second look was in order!

As the weather gets colder and colder I find myself dreaming of warm beaches and sunshine filled paradises. Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in the last few years. In the past, bridal stores would have one or two destination style dress, but now that number has significantly increased. You can find a designer gown that is well made out of top-grade silk that goes well on a sandy beach. So, whether you are running to a beach, lake, mountain, ski-slope, or romantic Italian village…there is a dress for you. Here are some of my favorites.

Perfect for your “Roman Holiday.”

So fitting for your French boxwood Garden wedding!

You will have smooth sailing wearing this to your dockside nuptials.

Go barefoot in the sand in this beach wedding dress!

I know we have said this before, but at Anne Barge we are extremely grateful to our stores. They uphold the Anne Barge standard, and make us look good. Being the go between for us and our brides, our stores are our friends. They are who we choose to work with, and we are so thankful they choose to work with us in return. To find one of our retail locations…visit –> Store Locations.

Take a look at our store Basilica’s store window for Christmas!

As Thanksgiving day draws near I begin to ponder those things that I am thankful for…family, friends, work, sunny days at the zoo, and twinkling Christmas lights. I decided to take this week and say what we at Anne Barge are thankful for.  To kick off our week of thankfulness, we begin with the most obvious thing…brides. We have some of the most beautiful and gracious brides. Not only do they choose our gowns for their big day, but they wear them flawlessly! We meet them at trunk shows, and they stay with us forever! Without brides…we wouldn’t be here!

We are thankful for brides!

Here is another snipet from one of our inside girls. This is our other intern Morgan. She is fantastic, and we hope you love seeing life through their eyes…

When I was offered an internship at Anne Barge, I was overcome with excitement and nerves. According to The Devil Wears Prada, internships are supposed to be some of the most miserable months of your life, full of coffee fetching and busy work that no one else wanted to tackle. My time here at Anne Barge has been quite the opposite, full of opportunities that only a close-knit company and super strong team, such as the one here, can provide! In the office there has been no doubt that the interns are in fact on this team. I have had the opportunity to help with packaging dresses to send to our clients and customers, running errands to the most elite seamstress and dry cleaners in Atlanta, sketching and illustrating gowns, even sewing on beading and making the gorgeous belts you see on many of the dresses in this new collection. I love working at Anne Barge any day of the week, but my favorite time here was the week before Bridal Market in New York. Much of this was because I was privledged to help recreate designs and enhance many of the new dresses, but also because everyone here really became a team- from eating lunches on the floor, to learning new ways to make hook and eyes for dresses! These past weeks have been such a great learning experience and I am so inspired to keep working in the bridal design world. Anne is truly one of a kind, and she has taught me that every little detail does matter- which sets her apart from most designers. Aside from her gorgeous designs and creative abilities, she is an incredible business woman who never stops working! I could not have chosen a better place to do my internship and I have without a doubt learned important tools from one of the most successful designers that will last me a lifetime and carry me far in my life, both in and out of design.

Today’s dress again comes from the newest Anne Barge collection. Based on the famous gown worn by Jackie O, our silk taffeta version updates the look into the twenty first century. With keyhole neckline, dropped waist, and sash at natural waist the bodice is extremely flattering, and ballgown skirt accented with ruffle circles makes any girl feel like a fashion icon. This dress is great on any body type and works in any climate. For more information or details please contact This dress is only available on trunk shows, but will be in stores soon!

Anne Barge created more beautiful belts this season. They were stunningly unique and can mix and match with so many styles. Two reasons I love belts…1) they draw the eye to a brides waist making her look tiny. 2) They can be taken off the dress and worn again with a LBD or even pants! What’s great about Anne’s belts is that they can be purchased on their own with no dress. Why is this so great? Well,if  you can’t decide, get them both. Love a belt, but not getting married, buy it anyway and wear it out on the town. The possibilities with belts are endless, and they are to gorgeous! Just take a look!

One of the most common laces used in bridal in Chantilly lace. So named for the city of Chantilly, France where the lace originated, Chantilly lace is a delicate floral lace. Chantilly lace is great for adding texture without shouting lace, and is very light to wear. It can be worn for any wedding type and any location. Its light texture makes it versatile enough to go from sanctuary to beach. Just look at the different ways in which this beautiful textile can be used.

I sit here surrounded by three men watching the Washington Redskins take on the Philadelphia Eagles. Seeking inspiration I asked  what was important to them as far as wedding gowns go. I was quickly shushed for talking about girl stuff during football time. Then, during the next commercial, they re-started the conversation without provocation. Is color important? What about sex-appeal? Are buttons with loops just plain mean? I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I listened to their gabbing about wedding dresses. It was actually the perfect man panel…I should take advantage of this. One is engaged, one is single, and one is married to me. I was too afraid to ask questions for fear of pointing out the fact that they were talking wedding during football, but here is what I was able to take away from their talk.

The dress actually is important to them. This surprised me since I figured they didn’t really notice it. As I listened on, I finally figured out why the dress was important to them. They too have been waiting for this moment a long time. They are crazy in love with you, and can’t wait to see you come down the aisle. They don’t want you in a dress that overpowers you. They want you in something that enhances you. Something that is your personality at its best, and something you feel beautiful in.

So, I guess…dress for them! It actually is a pretty smart way to think of things. Be a version of yourself on your big day…just a dressed up bridal version.

While this conversation was short lived…I found it helpful and a bit heartwarming. Now, if my Redskins could launch a major major comeback sitting with the three of them would be worth it!

Once again, this weeks dress comes to us from the brand new Anne Barge collection. It is a prime example of simple being absolutely stunning. The well tailored bodice has a scoop neckline and natural waistline to flatter every figure type. The modified A-line skirt is also cut to fit any body type flawlessly, and it is detailed with textured flowers. To finish off the look, a matching belt us placed at the natural waist. This dress is a well-cut wonder!!! This dress fits all body types and works at any time of year and location. For more information, pricing and locations please contact us at This dress can only be seen on trunk shows, but will be in stores soon!