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Today’s featured dress is from the Anne Barge Couture Collection and is a silk shantung dream come true. With a ruched dropped waist, this gown shows off a perfect amount of curves.  The bottom of the asymmetrical bodice is accented with a beaded brooch detail, and at the top is capped off with beautiful tapered straps. The skirt is where all the drama happens. The front has gorgeous drama creating pick-ups, and the back has a theatrical American bustle. The train just pours luxuriously from the bustle into a chapel length train. This gown is perfect for all body types if you are willing to show your shape. It is great for any time of year and any location, but lends itself to a more formal setting. Please feel free to contact us for more information, pricing or locations near you.

As I sat in the office today working on our new samples (which are gorgeous) I looked around at our diligently working interns. I was reminded of my intern days, and remembered what it was like to work your tail off. Those of you who have ever had an intern know that good ones these days is hard to find. Finding someone that is willing to do the not fun stuff, get the coffee, run errands, answer phones, sew a million belts and many other small tedious tasks is hard. Finding someone to do it with a great attitude and a smile is even harder. We are so lucky right now to have not only one but three amazing interns. Those girls have worked their fingers to the bone to make this collection look amazing. So, to wrap this up…THANK YOU! You are amazing and we do notice and are grateful!

In all of my market teasing I have mentioned dresses inspired by classic beauties such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. While there is not dress inspired by her on this line, Doris Day is by far and away my favorite vintage Hollywood leading lady. She stars in classics such as Pillow Talk, Move over Darling and Please Don’t Eat the Daisies. Known for her comedic timing and pairing with Rock Hudson, Doris Day was also a bombshell. She could fill well tailored pieces and had all the right curves. (I know, I do have a girl crush!) What I love most about her though, was her ability to laugh at herself. She didn’t take things too serious and her happiness in that freedom was contagious. When she laughed how could you not laugh too?!? So while she did not make our collection this season…use her as inspiration.

This weekend while web-caming with my in-laws my father-in-law asked “what is market”? I fumbled for an answer before realizing, “wow, i always assumed people knew what market was.” You know what assuming does! How does one explain what exactly market it..well, here goes my try. Market is when we extend invitations to stores and press to debut our newest collection. Typically everyone in bridal does it at the same place. The “big one” we are referring to is bridal week in New York. Bridal designers have runway shows for the bridal magazine, newspapers and most importantly our accounts. The bridal store owners will race across the city in cabs, subway and on foot to see the latest styles and decide which ones to purchase for their store. (Big tip: With technology being so fast paced, websites such as and will put up pictures of the new collection almost immediately after the show. So look for them online late Sunday or Monday of next week. Oh and check back here too!)

On our end, market takes months of preparation. We design and perfect the new line of dresses up until the last minute, and plan the show complete with lighting and music. We also communicate with our accounts to get them to our show and plan some one-on-one time with them and our dresses.  It is very tiring, but very worth it!

Market is great for new brides as well. It keeps inventories fresh and gives you some fresh ideas after months of mulling over the same ones. It also refreshes trunk shows. The new dresses replace the last collection on the trunk show circuit. So, if you have been to one trunk show and did not purchase…go again after this weekend for a new set.

So, that sums up market. Its fun, energetic, fast-paced and frenzied. The best part of it all…we will do it all again in six months!

Today’s dress comes from the Anne Barge La Fleur Collection. It is a simple, beautiful, lace dress. Gorgeous Aloncon lace covers this entire sheath gown from the plunging neckline to the sweep train. Spaghetti straps allow for the neckline to be cut lower in the front and back. Lace peeks over the neckline for a soft edge and whimsical look. This gown is perfect for tons of locations from beach to church. This dress is also great for anytime of year, but if you wear it in winter you may want a little something for warmth. For pricing, locations or more information please contact us at

So here is something I have been promising for a while now….a sneak peak at one of our newest gowns. This gorgeous gown has it all…a little beading, a little lace and luxurious silk satin. You think the picture is beautiful, just wait until you see it in person.

Nothing to me is worse then being sick when it is an absolutely gorgeous day outside. Everything inside says “run, play, have fun in the fresh fall air, but when you go to move your body it just won’t budge. I am lucky in that my husband has taken care of me and the baby, and my loyal pup has stayed by my side in bed all day. The other plus to this day (besides knowing my baby loves me enough to share her stomach bug with me) is the Lifetime Movie Network. Why did I not know this network existed before my sick day? It is awesome! Hours upon hours of Lifetime movies full of murdering cheerleaders and scheming nannies. I love it! I also love the weddings they have in these movies. They trip me up! The bride always wear a short veil, 1980′s inspired wedding gown, and red roses. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!) Left with my laptop and a fourth Lifetime Original Movie I started to think what I would put my Lifetime bride in. (Who knows…maybe my heroes at the Lifetime channel will call and ask me to style their next wedding!)

One of the great perks of my job is that I get to see the new collection before any one else! (well, excluding the others who work with me and Anne herself!!!) Nothing is more exciting then when we open the box and begin pulling out new sample after new sample. Sure, by this point we have seen the sketches, beading, fabric, lace and muslins, but it is not the same. Nothing compares to actually seeing the gown in its final fabrication. Every season I find myself thinking ,”wow, this is the best season ever…we really knocked it out of the park this time.” But trust me when I say…this season REALLY is the best season ever! The dresses all remind me of classics that have been re-vamped and modernized for today’s bride. Classics like Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and there is even a Halle Berry (wait…she is not old enough to be a classic, but who wouldn’t want to look like her!) I can’t wait for you to see what we have made for you this season…who’s excited? I know, I know you are probably getting really tired of me talking about what you can’t see, but I am so excited! I just can’t think of anything else. Tomorrow maybe I will write something useful, but until then how about this picture of an Anne Barge classic to keep you going.

Today’s featured dress is another example of Anne’s perfection with lace. Trained by Priscilla of Boston, Anne has always had a knack for lace and extensive knowledge of this fabrication. This style is a perfect example of her unsurpassed talent with lace. Nothing is more beautiful than the pairing of lace and silk satin, and the lace pops from the luxurious fabric to create sophisticated drama. Delicate beading on the lace gives the bride a sparkle without being over the top, and the small beaded motif in the front shows off the beautiful scoop neckline. This gown fits snug to the body and ends with a sweep train. The  skirt and train are highlighted with more delicatly beaded lace around the hem. The back of this dress is the most breathtaking part however. The v-neck is cut low to show off the back, then trails into satin covered buttons and ends in a beautiful lace motif atop the train inset. All of this creates a beautiful long line with pops of bridal whimsy. This gown is great for any time of year and fits most body types. For more details, pricing and location email us at