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This post was originally posted in the very first week of our blogs publication. However, due to horrific events it was deleted. I feel like cannot tell people enough how important trunk shows are.  IThey are such a HUGE opportunity. Due to this fact I am re-posting this article on the reasons to go to a trunk show!

As a bride you see advertisements for trunk shows all the time. Pretty much every weekend your local boutique is having one. So, what’s the big deal?

In reality, trunk shows are a big deal. As a bride living in the twenty first century you have access to loads of information. You can quickly sift through designer after designer and dress after dress. With this influx of information you know the designers you like and the styles you like.  Trunk shows are a great way to see more of what a designer has to offer, and to meet someone from the company perhaps even the designer.

A trunk show is when a designer sends an assortment of gowns to one of their retail locations. In addition to their advertised gowns you will also have access to a sampling of their other gowns you may not have known existed. Trunk shows often have a representative from the company or the designer in the store with their gowns. The gowns and representative are only in the store for one or two days then they move on to another location.

Trunk shows have many benefits for brides such as a wider and newer selection of gowns, a knowledgeable representative present, a unique savings on your gown and an unforgettable buying experience.

Trunk show season is in full swing right now, and will run through winter. To find a trunk show near you visit us online at .

Be sure to book your appointment in advance as trunk show weekends tend to fill up quickly, and stay tuned to this blog for tips for your trunk show appointment and what to expect upon arriving at the store.

A big trend in bridal lately has been flowers. Delicate organza petals, bold satin blooms, fluffy bunches and more adorn gowns all over the bridal spectrum. You can go rose, peony, orchid, daisy, and even chrysanthemum. Flowers are great for adding texture and whimsy to a dress, and who knows you may even smell like one!

What a beautiful weekend we are having. The temperature outside in the mornings is cool and crisp. The breeze has a slight chill, and I can feel fall coming. However, wardrobe wise it is getting complicated. The mornings are chilly, but the afternoons are still hot. Layers are the key this time of year. A light sweater that can be pulled off is perfect for when it starts to get warm, or perhaps better than a sweater…a matching bolero!

Today’s featured dress comes to us from the Anne Barge La Fleur collection. This dress can be described with two words…simply sexy. This luxuriously soft satin gown hugs the body before pooling into a delicious train. A modern bustline spices things up and tiny fabric covered buttons add a classic touch. Pair this with a plain long veil and you are timeless, or a pair it with a flirty birdcage and you are romance. This dress can be styled to suit any personality, but it must be worn with confidence and sass! This dress will work at any time of year and any location. It can be worn by any body type daring enough to wear it. For more information, pricing and locations please contact us at

A common problem we encounter with brides is height related. Short brides always want to look taller and tall brides don’t want to look even taller. Height is an important factor to consider when picking out your wedding dress.

If you are short a great thing to look for is a verticle line gown. This means the gown has little or not horozontal aspects to it. For example, you want no waist seams and no belt. You can still have great details on the gown while keeping a long line. Also, steer clear of huge ballgown skirts. Your skirt can still have volume but a huge wide skirt can disrupt that all important verticle line. A picture can expain this far better than words, so here are some examples of great dresses for short brides.

On the other hand, we also get brides who are tall and wish to not play that up. They don’t want to be short, but they don’t want to draw attention to their height. (This happens alot if the groom is the same height or shorter.) A great way to acheive this is to break up the verticle line with horozontal ones. Big skirts are also your friend! Again, here are some picture ideas to better explain it.

Its all about lines when it comes to picking a dress when height is an issue. If you are shorter; go verticle. If you are taller, go horozontal. Need more help or suggestions, feel free to email us at

Last night was cool enough for my family to eat outside. A cool fall-like breeze blew through the air, and I couldn’t help but thinking about outdoor brides. It seems these days more and more people are turning to nature for their wedding locations. All of my trunk show brides this weekend were having at least one part of their wedding outside. What a glorious time of year to be outside in a billowy gown. Imagine a soft breeze making your veil sway and your dress dance. Here are some great light dresses to pick up that breeze and give you instant whimsy!