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At Anne Barge we are in full Market mode. With a little over two weeks to go we are running on all cylinders to get this collection ready for our brides. Why just today we had a fitting with our lovely fit model and tons of brand new styles. They look so drop dead gorgeous you are going to have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you see them. I cannot wait to show them to you! What amazed me most about seeing the new pieces today is how there truly is something for everyone. There are huge dramatic skirts, sexy tailored pieces, and  whimsical beauties! There is lace, beading, embroidery, and embellishments. Also, all your favorite girls are there too…Audrey, Grace and even Jackie! I am beyond excited, but sadly you will have to wait two weeks to see these new beauties…unless I can talk the powers that be into a sneak peak!

In my post vacation haze/make-up frenzy I have hit a wall on bridal advice and ideas. So, I did what I normally do when this happens. I turn to other blogs to draw inspiration from. Then, today while searching my favorites it hit me…you may want to know so other good ones to. Tons of our retail locations have blogs of their own. While our blog is great for Anne Barge dresses, ideas and tips, their blogs are great for local tips. On them you can find vendors, seasonal ideas, and even (yes, I hate to say it) other gowns they carry. Their blogs plus our blog equal total bridal knowledge. Here are some of my favorites! For more retail stores and blogs in your area check out their websites. There is usually a link from there. Happy reading! – New York City’s Lovely Bridal – Salt Lake City’s Alta Moda – Westport’s The Plumed Serpent – New York’s Kleinfeld – New York’s Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier

These are just a couple. Check out –>Stores to find a store in your area. Then, click on their website to see if they have a blog for you!

Another body type which brides often have  a hard time fitting is the “boyish figure.” This is for those who tend to be more up and down without the curves. You are thriving in the belt trim, and the same mindset can be used to find your bridal gown. To create curves accent the body’s natural curvy points…ie the waist, hips and bust. Your dress can be cinched here and there to give the illusion of curves. Well, lets face it I am tired so the words are not coming very easily. So, here are pictures to better describe what I am trying to say. If you are a straight figure and do need more help email us at for suggestions. I promise to have better words then!

It seems today that everyone wants the latest and newest everything. So many times brides refuse to look at styles other than the newest collection. While that is all well and good, don’t dismiss a dress simply because it is from season past. That would be like saying Audrey Hepburn was not gorgeous simply becuase she is no longer “new”. Classics still have a place, and they will always stand the test of time.  There is a reason those “old” gowns are still around. It is because they are timeless, beautiful, and still greatly loved. My suggestion to you when looking at dresses it to take the age of the dress out of the equation. Don’t even look or ask what season the dress is from…look at the dress. After all, love knows no age!

Hello everyone. I am finally back from a week long experience in London. What a week it was! Full of double decker buses, pub hopping, old beautiful buildings, and even the Pope. I am sure this week will be full of tales and photos from my amazing London trip, but something truly amazing happened while I was away. Anne Barge’s design was the cover for this Fall 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Wedding magazine. We love the beautiful bouquet they paired with our gown, and are so honored to be choosen. Thank you Martha!

For additional info, pricing, or locations for this style please email us at

Building upon yesterday’s advice on trying on one of every silhouette, I encourage to also try on one of every “style”. By style I mean lace, beading, plain, and embellished. You may say you don’t like lace, but once you put it on your body find it is perfect in every way. You don’t know until you try it on. So, today I recommend trying on one of each of the following…

Lace -

Beaded -

Embroidered -


Plain -

Trying on wedding dresses for the first time is a very overwhelming experience. There are so many dresses to choose from,  and  let’s be honest, this is not something you go to buy all the time. How do you take some of the stress out of the first appointment and not feel so overwhelmed? It is simple, use the first time ever trying on to rule out groups of dresses. Try on a little bit of everything. You don’t know until you put it one your body if it looks good. I recommend trying on one in each catagory of silouettes. This way you know for sure what cut looks good on and just as important what cut does not. Try on one of each of the following…

Ballgown -


Sheath -

Trumpet -

Fit and Flare -

Trunk shows are a great way to ensure a pleasant buying experience and get a deal. Even more than that, trunk shows are a place to see more of what a designer has to offer. Typically stores only carry a hand choosen selection of a designers collection.After all, stores have multiple designers and a budget. For trunk shows designers will send in their newest collection along with some best sellers from seasons past. This influx of gowns increases the amount of a designers selection sometimes by 400%! So, trunk shows allow you to get a wider variety from one designer. This is prime pickings for a designers fan. If you love Anne Barge, come to a trunk show and see MORE of what Anne Barge has to offer. To find a trunk show near you email us at or go online to!

See this trunk at a trunk show!

Today’s featured dress comes from the Anne Barge Spring 2010 Couture line. The fitted bodice is made of beautiful corded aloncon lace that goes from neckline to trumpet skirt. At the joinline, tulle springs forth to form a full bubble skirt giving the dress volume and contrast. Tiny flowers with pearl centers adorn the neckline and joinline for added whimsy. To finish off this flattering style a delicate ribbon ties at the waist. This style is extremely flatter on the body and good with most body types. This dress can be worn any time of year, but best for spring and summer with the flowers. It is good in most locations, but beware of sand. If you would like more information, pricing or locations please contact us at

You can also tell from these pictures that this style has a matching veil. The veil is a long, sheer, plain edged veil with tiny pearl centered flowers sewn on the bottom of veil. The are heavy at the bottom and lighted to mid veil. The veil is sold separate, but a beautiful extra touch.

Lately it seems one of the dresses on our website has caught some bride’s attention, and in the past few weeks I have received multiple emails about it. Sadly, this dress has been discontinued and was put into our design archives. Designers go through their collection every once in a while and “retire” styles. This is done to make room for the new collection, and to help stores so they are not overwhelmed with samples. But what about those brides who fall in love with this “retired” dress?

Have no fear, and contact the designer. I am not sure what other’s procedures are as far as retired styles go, but if you fall in love with an Anne Barge retiree we can usually help you. Do not be surprised if there are fees that go along with a retired style, but always ask if your beloved gown can come out of retirement for one more game…after all, Brett Farve keeps coming back! (That’s for all the men out there! ; )

If you have fallen in love with a retired Anne Barge gown please contact us at