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I woke up this morning as usual and took the dog out as usual. Once my eyes fully opened I noticed something utterly fantastic in my driveway…leaves. Yes, leaves that had fallen from our tree. That can only mean one thing, that fall is approaching. I was instantly transported to one of our new Anne Barge styles. The skirt is made of tiny taffeta leaves that sparkle when you move. How perfect a dress for a day like today. I wanted to put it on a do a fall dance hoping against hope the temperature would turn fall too. Don’t you want to put it on and join me!

At last nights Emmy awards the stars did not disappoint. As usual there were successes and as usual there were major train-wrecks. Either way we were  glued to our seats to see what our favorites were going to wear. I am partial to Glee as it is one of the best shows on T.V., and I thought the girls of Glee showed up to play. All of them looked stunning, and Heather Morns and Lea Michele stood out as bombshells. Although last nights color palette seemed to favor navy and nude…I have suggestions on how to wear the star’s styles in white. Who was your favorite?

Lea Michele wore Oscar De La Renta in Navy.

Heather Morns wore Ina Soltani in Gold and black.

Julie Benz wore Pamella Roland in white.

Kim Kardashian wore Marchesa in white.

I thought all these women looked absolutely beautiful, but there were more hits too. I pulled these of Go to to see more!

Today’s featured dress  comes from the Anne Barge La Fleur collection, and is a classic lace ballgown. Made of light flowy silk satin organza with lace border on hem and lace bodice this dress epitomizes grace. The bodice is fitted through hips with strategically placed lace to enhance the bride’s figure. This enhances the bride’s figure. Behind the bride is a chapel length train to finish off the ultimate bridal feeling. This dress will work for any time of year, but is best in spring and summer with its cool fabric and flowy nature. This dress will work with any location, but be careful in sand! For more information, locations and pricing email us at (Matching veil is not included, but is available for purchase.)

This week for some strange reason I have encountered more negative people than usual. I don’t know if the moon is in a weird place causing people to start stuff for the sake of starting stuff or if I missed a national holiday in which you tell people how to live their lives. So, today I have had enough…enough with you glass is half empty people. My glass is half full so I am brushing you off…you will not rain on my parade! I know the world is not a perfect place right now, but enough is enough. I am asking my fellow glass is half fuller people to put twice the amount of good out into the world to help fill the half empty glasses. We need to be lifting each other up, going to extra mile and spreading the love. I personally am going to try to do more random acts of kindness, and I will forgive the neighbor for yelling about my dog. I wanted to remind people out there about a really great cause to make us feel better about the world. To remind everyone (myself included) that good is out there and the opportunity to help those in need is still out there. This is a cause Anne Barge supports, and is a really great cause for helping women (and some men). Tell people about it, and check out their website for tour dates.  Now that my pep talk is over…go forth and spread happiness!

I am getting all geared up to work at an Anne Barge trunk show, and it is my first one back in the saddle after having my little girl. I am so excited I can hardly wait. I love the thrill of the hunt and the challenge. I adore meeting someone new and helping them find the perfect dress. Nothing makes my adrenaline rush faster than matching bride to gown and winning the race! So, that has been on my brain all week. I have been reviewing style after style to make sure I have plenty of perfect items for each bride. Today’s challenge to myself was taking on the pare shape. This is a curvy figure with small waist, bigger bust and bigger hips. Feminine and beautiful the pare shape bride is perfect practice for my upcoming trunk show. So, what would I recommend for my fictional pare shaped bride? Here are my winners… Want to challenge me? Email us a picture and we will send you the perfect dresses to choose from! I dare you to stump me!

Kelly met Anne at a trunk show we held at Hannelore’s of Olde Town ( in Alexandria, VA. She found her perfect dress and looked amazing on her wedding day. After her nuptuals we were lucky enough to hear from her and get pictures to share with you.

“Good evening!

I have attached several photos of me in my Anne Barge gown – the first
four are from my bridal portraits taken by Don Mears Photography. The
last one is from my wedding day, taken by Kristen Gardner Photography.

My wedding to Gregory took place on the evening of July 24,
2010, at The Jefferson Hotel in downtown Richmond, Virginia. I
purchased the dress at a trunk show at Hannelore’s in Old Town
Alexandria in September 2009, where I also had the great honor of
meeting Anne Barge!

I have always loved the designs and style of Anne Barge gowns and was
thrilled to have the chance to consult with Anne (a fellow Kappa Kappa
Gamma) about my vision, alterations, and which flowers and veil would
best compliment the gown I chose. Her designs are extraordinary and
the quality is unbeatable. I could not have dreamed of a better dress
shopping experience or a more perfect gown for my wedding day.

Thank you so much!

I figured Monday was the perfect day of the week for us to show you the new Anne Barge ad campaign shots. So, here they are. I hope you love them, and be sure to look for them in publications around the country!

Today’s dress comes from another classic Anne Barge collection. Not very often, but every once in a while dresses come in where one of us at Anne Barge says “That is the dress I would wear if I was getting married.” This is mine. I loved this dress from the second the two of us met. A perfect option for someone who doesn’t want to wear strapless, this flattering v-neck trumpet gown is a jaw-dropping moment waiting to happen. The entire dress is silk satin with a pop of flowers at the center back skirt made of silk satin and lace. Form fitting, the bodice hugs your curves then flares into a dramatic full skirt. Trailing behind you is a chapel train and inspiring back. This gown is great for any time of year and can work in most locations. I recommend for most body types although be careful as some people cannot wear trumpets with a defined line at knees such as this gown. Try it on and see what you think today! For more information, pricing and locations please contact us at

Yesterday I teased you with more dresses for brides who’s waist is not necessarily something they want highlighted.  You still have tons of great options out there, and there are thousands of dresses that will highlight exactly what you want to highlight and hide exactly what you want to hide.

If you want a curvy and femanine shape, look for dresses made of heavier fabrics with built in support. Also, try on dropped-waist gowns to elongate your body and allow that curve to be highlighted.

Beading towards the neckline of the gown is useful in highlighting the face. It creates a frame and draws the viewers eye to your face. Add simple lines and you have hit a homerun!

To create a seamless line look for a dress with no waistline at all. This will make you look long and lean. Any detail adding verticle lines is a plus. You can even go a little more fitted for some shape and sex appeal.

I hope this helps with other options for highlighting parts other than your waist. Bust, curves, and face can all be highlighted too! There is a dress for every woman…I promise!

Do you have a body shape that has you stumped as to what to look for. Email us at Info@annebarge, and we can give you tons of options that will look great on you!

In many of our featured dress descriptions I have mentioned drawing the eye to your smallest point. What does that mean exactly and what is the point with doing it?

The whole reason behind wanting the eye to go to the smallest point on your body is simple…it makes you look smaller. When the eye is drawn to the smallest point the viewer automatically associates that with your size. It also creates femanine curves and a flattering shape.

The smallest point is usually the natural waist. One of my favorite ways to find your natural waist is the “I’m a little teapot song” (Yes, someone at work uses this to explain to brides where their natural waist it and it is pure genius!!!) When you “Tip me over and pour me out” the crease that is created in your side is your natural waist. See…it really is a genius way to locate your natural waist.

A great way to draw attention to the smallest point is a sash, belt, seam or beaded detail. You want the definition to be pretty obvious. The more obvious the definition the more defined you waist (aka smallest point) will be.

To sum it all up, if you want to look smaller and curvier emphasize your natural waist and draw your guests eyes to that point.

I know, some of you out there are thinking “what if my natural waist is not my smallest point?” Have no fear…simply come back and read our blog tomorrow and find out the other great options for flattering dresses!