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Today’s inspiration comes from none other than Claude Monet. We were inspired by not only the colors in his Water Lily painting, but we also used his soft romantic vibe. First flowers and now art…inspiration really is all around you!

Dress: Anne Barge

Shoes: Badgley Mischka available at

Earring: Anthropolgie

Dress: Modcloth (

Art: Water Lilys by Claude Monet

Even before they met, Elise and John’s life was an adventure. The two finally merged their adventures upon meeting at a dude ranch in Wyoming. John was “the cowboy” and Elise was just passing through in the middle of a cross country road trip. After the first meeting the two parted ways, but struck up an email relationship while Elise backpacked across the world. Upon returning the two went together to a friend’s wedding and the rest was history.

The two were married in the perfect outdoor setting on September 27th. Elise’s Badgley Mischka gown flowed effortlessly with their Lake Wehapa setting, and her veil caught every wandering breeze. From their wedding day on…every adventure they take…they take together.

I adore Design Star on HGTV! This week their challenge was to design a loft apartment pulling inspiration from flowers. Wow! What a great idea! Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, and what a better place to start then with flowers. They evoke so much emotion and can convey a wide range of emotions. Not to mention the color and the structure of flowers. To start I pulled up images of my favorite flower…the daffodil, and after looking at the flower I paired it with the first dress that came to mind. So, if you don’t know where to start when planning your wedding…start with your favorite flower.

Sometimes brides end up in strapless dresses because they feel as though there is nothing else out there. I know this because I went through it with my sister! Getting married in January she really wanted sleeves to carry out her “snowflake” theme. We looked high and low, and all we found was one long-sleeved dress in which the beading looked like spiders crawling up her arms. We could not let her “snowflake” theme be misinterpreted as “spider” themed…it would throw off the handmade snowflake luminaries! So she gave up on the sleeves and we moved forward purchasing a different wedding dress. She looked like a million dollars, but there are so many options out there for brides who do not want to wear strapless now. Why, even now, we at Anne Barge are developing a dress with quarter length sleeves. (Shhh…you didn’t hear that from me!)

One such non-strapless trend making a huge comeback is the asymmetrical neckline. The asymetrical neckline is a great alternative for strapless. It is the best of both worlds letting you show off your shoulders and offering more coverage then strapless. Plus, you can at least wear one bra strap!

Another great option for showing off shoulders but not baring all is the halter. This is particularly great for those with narrow shoulders as it will broaden you out. It is also very flattering on your neck, but should be worn with an up-do to show it off!

For the classic bride…think Audrey Hepburn…the bateau neckline is perfect. It is the perfect perch for a long elegant neck and covers the bust.

The V-neck is another great option. The V-neck helps to elongate a neck and create a perfect frame for your face. Support can be worn underneath for comfort, and you can go as low as you like or dare!

Spaghetti straps are another idea for those wanting extra support with the open-ness of a strapless gown. The beauty of spaghetti straps is that they can be added to most strapless gowns with ease. They can range from 1/4″ thick to 1/2″ thick, and some even come with matching beading or lace.

These are only a few of the non-strapless options. More options include scoop-neck, square-neck, Jewel-neck, Off the shoulder, and portrait. We have not even begun to delve into the world of sleeves yet. Don’t be afraid to ask if straps or sleeves can be added to a strapless dress. There is a dress out there for everyone, and you CAN find it!

*Quick tip…if you are scared of strapless gowns because you are afraid they will slip down don’t be as a great seamstress will make it fit so as not to slip! But, if you are still scared…look at how many great choices there are for you!

Today’s featured gown comes from a past Anne Barge La Fleur collection. It is one of our most classically elegant gowns, and with it’s simplicity the most versatile to style. This gown is made of silk satin and has a sweetheart neckline. At the natural/empire waist is a silk satin sash with deconstructed bow accent. That great bow sits atop the perfectly shaped semi-fitted skirt, and buttons run down the back of the dress to the tip of the train. What is so great about this style is how your personality can be put into it. It can be worn with updo, gloves, and diamonds for a regal look… Or it can be worn with loose waves, pearls and flower in your hair for a relaxed outdoor look…Or it can be worn with hot pink heels and a birdcage for a funky look. The possiblities with this gown are endless. Check out –> Real Brides to see different ways our brides have worn it. They all look fantastic and one of a kind! This dress is great for any time of year, any location and any body type. Contact us at info@Anne for details, pricing and locations near you.

Growing up all girls knew when they got married they would need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Most blindly follow this poem and obediently find all four items without knowledge of why.  The most surprising fact is that the final item of the poem is often forgotten. The whole poem reads…”Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” Sixpence?

The final line hints at where this tradition started…Britain. In Victorian times brides were instructed to wear these items to ensure happiness and prosperiety, and each piece represents a part of her life and was given to her by women in her life.

The “sixpence in her shoe” is pretty self explainatory. The bride was to wear a sixpence in her shoe to ensure a wealthy marriage. If you wear open toes, just step carefully so as not to loose it!

Something old represents the bride’s past and her family. It is a reminder of where she came from and childhood happiness. Typically something old is a heirloom piece of jewelry, a relatives veil, or a hankerchief tied around the flowers.  Want your something old to be a modern take on a classic? Try leaving your wedding in a classic car, sew a piece of your mother’s dress into the hem of yours, or even wrap your flowers in your grandfather’s favorite tie.  The possiblities are endless and use this as a sentemental opportunity.

Something new was given to the bride to ensure her good fortune in the future. A relative or close friend with a happy marriage traditionally gave this gift to pass on their good luck to the new couple. These days a bride’s something new is usually her dress, veil, or shoes. This is the easiest role to fill.

Something borrowed was to remind the bride that her family and friends will always be there to help her. A reminder for her to not forget those that loved her in the past. This superstition is also filled with jewelry or veil. A couple ideas for this is a best friends wedding day pearls, your sisters favorite pair of shoes, or your mom’s ring.

Something blue stems from the concept of purity, faithfulness, and loyalty. In Roman times brides wore blue to symbolize purity and the virgin Mary is typlically shown in blue robes. Incorporating blue is surprisingly easy; a garter, a sapphire, undergarments, shoes or a blue flower in your boquet.

This is a silly superstition, but one that is truly a part of being a bride. Embrace the poem and have fun with you something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and the sixpence in your shoe!

Who says finding the right gown for you has to be hard work and a hassel? Not the girls at Vocelle’s  in Tallahasee, Florida. They live by the motto “that finding the perfect wedding dress should involve less stress and a lot more play”. They begin by greeting you with a glass of chilled wine to calm your nerves and chat about your dream ensemble. Then, they guide you through their beautiful selection of gowns to your perfect gown. Once everyone is happy they send you off with  happy puppy kisses. Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is. This store pride’s itself on stress-free bridal shopping that is rare to find these days. Southern hospitality is alive and well at Vocelle’s and we encourage anyone close by to stop in and see for yourself!

Every so often we hear from our brides and are reminded why we do what we do. Behind the scenes is not always easy, but we know the product we produce is priceless. When we hear from a bride like Julie it re-energizes our staff and refocuses our goals.

Julie met Anne Barge at a trunk show at Kleinfelds. (See…going to trunk shows IS a great idea!) Feeling discouraged as it was difficult finding a dress to fit, Julie as introduced to Anne. (For those who have never met Anne, she herself is not very tall.) Immediatly Anne and Julie had a connection, and Anne designed the perfect dress for Julie. Months later, Julie married the man of her dreams in Central Park. It was even later we recieved Julie’s email which meant so much to us.

Julie’s story is one for brides everywhere. It shows how important brides really are to Anne Barge. You are not a number to us at Anne Barge, but a name and a face. The perfect dress is out there for everyone, and we can always find it! If we can’t find it…we will make it! Don’t get discouraged because you don’t look like a model, or are not average shape or size. That is why there are so many different designs out there, and your dream dress does exist!

Julie’s story is also a trunk show success story. Everyone was in the right place at the right time. It is so important to take advantage of trunk shows in your area.

Julie’s Email:

Dear Mrs. Barge,
My name is Julie.  I met you at your trunk show at Kleinfeld’s in
Manhattan.  I will never forget when my mother and I met Rosario and
we started explaining how difficult it was to find a dress in my size
(4’10″!).  Rosario got this gleam in her eye, immediately left the
room, and came back with you!
Right away I knew you could make a wedding dress look fabulous on me.
We picked a gorgeous gown and you even agreed to make the “notch” –
something I dreamed about having on my wedding dress.  All the beading
and details were absolutely beautiful.
It took Kleinfeld’s FIVE fittings and lots and lots of cutting extra
fabric, but the dress came out perfectly!  David and I were married on
May 30th at the Central Park Boathouse.  It was a dream come
I want to thank you so very much for helping to make my wedding day
just perfect.  It was an incredible experience – one that I will never
forget.  Your personal touch and sincere care for your brides means so
much to me.  I hope you will continue to design beautiful wedding
gowns, especially for diminutive brides like me.
I would like to send you a picture for your website.  I am sending
along some family photos, but I do not have the professional ones yet.
When I do, I will surely send those along as well.
All the best,Julie

For the Fourth of July we decided nothing could be more patriotic then taking our daughter to her first ever baseball game. We took our seats just in time for the “Hometown Hero” segment on the big screen. Photos flashed of a soldier serving his country in Afghanistan and of a soldier getting married in his dress uniform. Then, the photo montage stopped and the camera found him in his seat. Goosebumps rose on my arms as the entire stadium rose to their feet and gave him a standing ovation. His wife looked proudly on and wiped a tear from her eye. Tears then filled my eyes as he took her hand and pulled her to standing next to him…he was giving her a standing ovation. To me that is what marriage is about. Two people supporting one another through hard times like war, and two people sharing the good times together like getting a standing ovation at a baseball game. When you join in marriage it is almost as though two become one…two completely different lives on two completely different roads converging to become one path. It is symbolic how you walk down the aisle toward your husband and together you walk away. So remember…when walking down the aisle keep your eyes on him, and always walk together.

Today’s featured dress also come from the newest Anne Barge Couture Collection. The lace wraps softly from the shoulder and down throughout the bodice. Then the lace hugs the hips and proceeds to cover the full trumpet skirt. This wrapping effect creates flattering curves without creating a distraction. Under the lace are soft layers of organza making the gown light and airy. This gown is perfect for any season, and while I automatically picture her in a garden, this girl can get married anywhere. Possible changes include making the gown with two shoulders and removing the flower. For more details, pricing or locations please contact us at