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Through the years…

As we prepare to show off our new ad campaign images, I couldn’t help but look back on our old images. Always different ideas one thing remains the same…the dresses are beautiful! Come, take a walk with me down memory lane.

Friday’s Featured Dress…

Today’s featured dress comes from the Anne Barge La Fleur collection.  We visited this dress in one of our stores a couple months ago, and when we flipped over this dresses’ tag we discovered it was given the name “Magic”. We loved it! We asked where the name came from and one of the consultants answered with “because this dress is magic.” Duh! How did we not see that answer coming!  It seemed that this dress fit everyone perfectly and transformed to the style of the bride. The belt can be switched out for any other belt or just a satin ribbon. This whimsical dress is form fitted through the hips then softly flows into a train and trumpet skirt. The fabrication and draping is where the magic comes from. The soft English net is ruched and draped around the bride’s body to hug in all the right places. This dress is magic for everyone, and can work in any season with the right accessories. I encourage you to try this one on and feel it’s magic! Contact us at for more details, pricing and locations.

PS- You didn’t hear this from me, but you will see this style in the new Anne Barge ad campaign. I can hardly wait…the suspense is killing me!

Make a B-line for an A-Line….

If the bridal world had a little black dress it would be the A-line skirt. Anyone can wear it, and I mean everyone. The A-line gets its name from its shape…the letter A. It starts at your waist, hangs over hips then makes a straight line to the floor. Depending on your height you will want to go narrower or wider, but that is the only stipulation. There are tons of choices out there for A-lines as well. You can do fancy, flowey, whimsy, romantic, or architectural. I could go on and on about the joys of the A-line skirt, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words…here are six pictures.

Color me Happy…

Who says wedding shoes have to be white and boring? Not me! Shoes are a great way to display your personality and add a little color to your ensemble. You can wear blue and  instantly have your “something blue”, you can wear red for a pop of surprise, or you can wear pink to match your flowers. There are so many shoe options out there for every taste and every budget. If you don’t want to go as bold as fuscia but still want something different go with silver or gold. Have fun…that’s the important thing!

The Beaded Belt…

A huge trend right now in the bridal world is the beaded belt. Born out of the “frugalista” craze, the beaded belt is a great way to add pizzaz and sparkle without the high cost of a beaded gown. The belt can be worn over tons of different styles and Anne Barge offers a wide variety of beaded belts to choose from. Another great thing Anne Barge does is make the beaded belts out of ribbons. This allows the color of the belt to be easily customized, and you can wear it again and again. Who wouldn’t love to use one of these great belts to jazz up your “little black dress”?!? So, when you are out shopping for your gown keep the beaded belt in mind.

What to wear, what to wear…

On this blog we have talked tons about trunk show. We have discussed what they are, why to go, and how to prepare. But what does one wear to a trunk show?

Trunk shows are usually very busy events and the more time you can have trying on dresses the better. Usually trunk show appointments are an hour to hour and a half long. Stores will try to stick pretty close to this time as consultants are booked up. To give yourself more time with the dresses wear two things…1)wear an outfit that is easy to take off and put on and 2)wear the proper undergarments.

Jeans, cute tee-shirt, and ballet flats are a perfect outfit for trunk shows. They can be slipped off quickly to slip into dresses. Also, they can be slipped back on quickly in case you have to run back to the sales floor to grab more dresses!

Proper undergarments are also key in time management. Wear good panties and a strapless bra. If you don’t wear a bra, the store will often lend you one of theirs to wear. This means the consultant has to go find your size and then wait while you put it on. BAM! Five minutes gone! If you come with your bra already on you can go immediately into the dress.

I really empahsize valueing your time at a trunk show mainly for the end of your appointment. This is descision time. The more “leftover” time you have to re-try on your favorites or just walk around in the dress you love, the better your descision will feel. Rush a little in the beginning to have some think time at the end.

Time at a trunk show is valuable…give yourself the advantage by wearing a great trunk show outfit!

Friday’s Featured Dress…

Today’s “featured” gown comes from the most recent La Fleur collection. This gown has such a simple shape, but is jazzed up with architectural details from the very top to the bottom of the train. Wide bands run around this structured gown adding interest and texture.  I know, usually you are told to steer clear of horizontal stripes, but these stripes have been strategically placed to flatter the bride. The most important of these stripes being the one at the natural waist. This band draws the eye to the body’s smallest point making the bride look smaller. That all important band also adds the punch of detail in the back when it culminates in a deconstructed vertical bow. You may be wearing stripes, but everyone will be seeing stars! This gown is great for any time of year and can easily be styled to fit any location. I would recommend this gown for most body types, but be a little aware if you are short. Please contact us at for more information, pricing or locations near you. This gown is on trunk shows right now!

Inspiration from Art…

Today’s inspiration comes from none other than Claude Monet. We were inspired by not only the colors in his Water Lily painting, but we also used his soft romantic vibe. First flowers and now art…inspiration really is all around you!

Dress: Anne Barge

Shoes: Badgley Mischka available at

Earring: Anthropolgie

Dress: Modcloth (

Art: Water Lilys by Claude Monet

Inspiration Flowers…

I adore Design Star on HGTV! This week their challenge was to design a loft apartment pulling inspiration from flowers. Wow! What a great idea! Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, and what a better place to start then with flowers. They evoke so much emotion and can convey a wide range of emotions. Not to mention the color and the structure of flowers. To start I pulled up images of my favorite flower…the daffodil, and after looking at the flower I paired it with the first dress that came to mind. So, if you don’t know where to start when planning your wedding…start with your favorite flower.

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue…sixpence?

Growing up all girls knew when they got married they would need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Most blindly follow this poem and obediently find all four items without knowledge of why.  The most surprising fact is that the final item of the poem is often forgotten. The whole poem reads…”Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” Sixpence?

The final line hints at where this tradition started…Britain. In Victorian times brides were instructed to wear these items to ensure happiness and prosperiety, and each piece represents a part of her life and was given to her by women in her life.

The “sixpence in her shoe” is pretty self explainatory. The bride was to wear a sixpence in her shoe to ensure a wealthy marriage. If you wear open toes, just step carefully so as not to loose it!

Something old represents the bride’s past and her family. It is a reminder of where she came from and childhood happiness. Typically something old is a heirloom piece of jewelry, a relatives veil, or a hankerchief tied around the flowers.  Want your something old to be a modern take on a classic? Try leaving your wedding in a classic car, sew a piece of your mother’s dress into the hem of yours, or even wrap your flowers in your grandfather’s favorite tie.  The possiblities are endless and use this as a sentemental opportunity.

Something new was given to the bride to ensure her good fortune in the future. A relative or close friend with a happy marriage traditionally gave this gift to pass on their good luck to the new couple. These days a bride’s something new is usually her dress, veil, or shoes. This is the easiest role to fill.

Something borrowed was to remind the bride that her family and friends will always be there to help her. A reminder for her to not forget those that loved her in the past. This superstition is also filled with jewelry or veil. A couple ideas for this is a best friends wedding day pearls, your sisters favorite pair of shoes, or your mom’s ring.

Something blue stems from the concept of purity, faithfulness, and loyalty. In Roman times brides wore blue to symbolize purity and the virgin Mary is typlically shown in blue robes. Incorporating blue is surprisingly easy; a garter, a sapphire, undergarments, shoes or a blue flower in your boquet.

This is a silly superstition, but one that is truly a part of being a bride. Embrace the poem and have fun with you something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and the sixpence in your shoe!